What Channel Is The NFL Network On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/10/23

The NFL Network is on multiple and different channels on your Xfinity TV service. Usually, you can find it on channel 180, but that’s going to take you to Teen Nick in big cities like Miami and Salt Lake.

Football is family and Football is America so we wanted you to find the NFL Network and Redzone as soon as possible to avoid missing a big play or uninsightful commentary.

We researched and figured out where the NFL Network and NFL Redzone are on your Comcast service and put together a list below.

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Comcast NFL Network Channel Guide

NFL Network List

Seattle180, 417, 418Miami406, 736
Spokane180, 417, 418Fort Lauderdale406, 736
Tacoma180, 417, 418Atlanta118, 289, 879
Vancouver400, 417, 729Memphis226, 653, 854, 1705
Portland400, 417, 729Nashville180, 715, 1215
Salem400, 417, 729Chicago168, 169, 412
Eugene400, 417, 729Indianapolis180, 275, 1705
Salt Lake City270, 675, 1215Fort Wayne180, 275, 1705
Provo270, 675Detroit180, 181, 736, 1705
Denver168, 417, 676Washington733, 860
Colorado Springs177, 186, 760, 1215Baltimore733, 860
Boulder168, 417, 676, 1215Philadelphia180, 733, 860
Saint Paul180, 181, 275, 876Pittsburgh177, 277, 860
Minneapolis180, 181, 736, 876San Jose417, 730
Albuquerque180, 257, 275San Francisco417, 730
Tallahassee180, 406, 736Fresno180, 417, 730
Jacksonville406, 736Sacramento180, 417, 730
Orlando406, 736Oakland417, 730

NFL Redzone Xfinity Channels

Red Zone Channel FAQ

Miami390Fort Lauderdale390
Memphis655, 1706Atlanta299, 799
Nashville714, 1216Chicago411
Saint Paul266, 268, 875Indianapolis1706
Salt Lake City698, 1216Fort Wayne1706
Provo260, 698Detroit182, 1706
Denver418, 694Washington734, 861
Colorado Springs185, 780, 1216Baltimore734, 861
Boulder418, 694, 1216Philadelphia734, 861
Minneapolis727, 875San Jose427
Albuquerque266San Francisco427, 785

If you’re looking for the full Xfinity channel lineup, check out what we wrote on that topic.

NFL Network Xfinity Channels (CA/OR/WA)

You can watch the NFL Network on your Xfinity service in California on channels 417 and 730.  The NFL Network is also available on Channel 180 in Fresno, Sacramento, and Oakland.

If you’re trying to watch NFL Red Zone, surf to Channel 785.  It’s also on Channe 1427 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Stockton.

It’s easy to get to the right channel for the NFL Network in Oregon.  Just go to channels 400, 417, or 729.  These channels are also the right channels to watch the NFL Network in Vancouver Washington.

For the other cities in Washington State, the correct channel to go to watch the NFL Network are 170, 417, and 418.

The NFL Channel on Comcast In Florida

Florida residents of Comcast can watch the NFL Network on channels 406 and 736.  If you’re in Tallahassee, you can also watch on Channel 180 as well.

Watching Red Zone is a bit more complicated.  NFL RedZone is on Channel 390 for Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.  Those who live in Jacksonville need to go to Channel 741 to watch redzone.

On the East Coast, you can watch the NFL Network on channel 860 in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.  733 is also a popular channel where the NFL Network is on in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Philadelphia.

There’s some stray NFL channel options in those cities that we mentioned.  The NFL Network is available on Channel 180 in Philadelphia and Channel 177 and 277 in Pittsburg.

In terms of Redzone, it’s on channels 734 and 861 in DC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

the nfl network channels on comcast

Utah and Minnesota NFL Packages

The NFL Network is on channels 270 and 675 in Utah for Xfinity customers.  You also have the option to watch on Channel 1215.

Red Zone is on random channels in states in Utah.  It’s on channels 698 and 1216 in Salt Lake City and 260 and 698 in Provo.

It’s a little easier in Minnesota.  There you can watch the NFL Network on channels 180, 181, and 876 but you also have the option to watch on Channel 275 in Saint Paul and 736 in Minneapolis.

875 is the common channel in Minnesota to watch NFL Red Zone but if you want to go to a lowered number channel you can do so on Channel 727 in Minneapolis and 266 and 268 in Saint Paul.

Other Channels You Can Go To

Indiana and Michigan share a lot in common in terms of channels where you can the NFL Network on Comcast.

In these states, you can watch on channels 180 and 1705 for NFL Network and 1706 for NFL Redzone.

Besides these channels, the NFL Network is available on Channel 275 for Indianapolis and channels 181 and 736 for Detroit.

Closing things out, for the other cities that we researched, there really wasn’t much that they had in common in terms of channel placements.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Albuquerque: 180, 257, 275
Atlanta: 118, 289, 879
Chicago: 168, 169, 412
Denver: 168, 417, 676
Nashville: 180, 715, 1215

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