What Channel is TBS on Spectrum

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/20/23

TBS is on different channels on Spectrum depending on where you live.

For the continental United States, you can usually go to Channel 104 to watch TBS.

For the rest, we’ve compiled a list of where the channels are for the biggest geographies in the USA.

This is important if you’re trying to watch the new season of Miracle workers or AEW wrestling. Miracle Workers is on Monday and AEW is on Wednesdays at 8/7 central.

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TBS Spectrum Channels in New York

The channel for TBS in New York for Spectrum is Channel 8.

You can also watch TBS on Spectrum on Channel 104 like the rest of the continental US.

TBS Channels on Spectrum

New York8
Los Angeles46

Los Angeles TBS Spectrum Channel

TBS on Spectrum is on Channel 46 and 104 in the Los Angeles area.

These channels will be the same for East and West Los Angeles as well as the Calabasas area.

104 is the HD version of TBS although at this point most customers will have HD signals for Channel 46.

It’s more of an artifact of an earlier time when cable bandwidth was an issue, and you could experience quite degraded visuals from a cable wire.

tbs channel on spectrum

What Channel is TBS in California?

For the rest of California, you can watch TBS on Spectrum on Channel 104.

However, the original TBS channel will depend on which city you live in.

For people who live in San Bernadino, Ventura, Camarillo, and Thousand Oaks, you can watch TBS on Spectrum on Channel 52.

In Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, the original TBS channel is 51.

For the San Gabriel Valley, it’s Channel 65 and for Santa Monica, it’s channel 41.

TBS Spectrum Channel in Hawaii

TBS is on channels 551 and 1551 in Hawaii.

These are the right channels for Oahu, Maui, and Kauai.

The difference between the two channels is that 1551 is the HD version of TBS and has a higher quality frequency compared to channel 551.

What Channel is TBS on Spectrum in Dallas

TBS on Spectrum is on channels 44 and 104 in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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