What Channel Is TNT On Directv?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 12/9/23

directv tnt channel

The channel TNT is on DirecTV is Channel 245.

245 is the right channel throughout the country for Directv customers and there are no other or additional channels that you can watch TNT on.

This is a change from cable tv providers where TNT is on different and multiple channels depending on where you live.

TNT has several syndicated shows/movies and sports rights and in this article, we’ll walk you through their current schedule and what games will be on TNT.

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TNT On DirecTV

Here’s a list of cities and where you can watch TNT. Pretty much Channel 245.

TNT Channel

San Diego245New Orleans245
Los Angeles245Baltimore245
San Francisco245Detroit245
Washington DC245St. Louis245
Atlanta245Las Vegas245
Honolulu245New York245
Kansas City245Oklahoma City245
El Paso245Memphis245
Houston245San Antonio245

For other service providers, check out our consolidated guide to TNT channel numbers.

Sports On TNT

To watch some of the most popular sporting events in the US, you’ll need to go to Channel 245 for TNT on Directv.

One of the reasons why TNT is such a popular channel is because they have the rights to a lot of NBA basketball games.

They have so much content that there are often doubleheaders on the channel where games are aired back-to-back.

TNT airs some of the most important events of the season like opening night games, the NBA All-Star Game, and the playoffs and Conference finals.

Some of the games of the NCAA March Madness are also on TNT.  During even-numbered years, the Final Four will be on Turner properties like TNT, TBS, and TruTV.

While TBS has more baseball games than TNT, you’ll sometimes find MLB baseball games on TNT.  That’s usually because a previous game on TBS has run longer than expected.

The NHL also has games on TNT for fans of that sport.  This is relatively new, and games will air on Wednesday night during the season.

A competitor to WWE, the AEW also calls TNT home although some of their content has moved to TNT’s sister channel TBS.

DIRECTV TNT Current Lineup

Besides sports, TNT has great reruns and blockbuster movies that you can only watch on Channel 245 if you’re with DIRECTV.

Usually, TNT plays reruns when sports aren’t on.  The current slate includes Charmed, Supernatural, Lucifer, and NCIS: New Orleans.

TNT also has the rights to some great movies.  From their current list, there’s about 80, but they include blockbuster films like The Fast & the Furious, Doctor Strange, and Star Wars.

These movies skew a bit male and actiony but they have movies like Dreamgirls as well.

In terms of original content, TNT has shows like The Alienist, Good Behavior, and Will.

Those are good shows, but I think most people just come to the channel for the NBA.

directv tnt channel

Other Ways To Watch TNT

Besides watching on your Directv linked TV, you can also watch TNT on your computer and phone.

The two methods are by using DirecTV Stream or the TNT website or app.

For both methods, you’ll need to be logged in to prove that you have a TV subscription that has TNT.

The TNT signup process is primitive.  We recommend just using Directv Stream unless you really want to watch a specific show.

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