What Channel Is TNT?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/15/23

directv tnt channel

Finding the right channel number for TNT can be difficult.

There’s no standard set of channel numbers in the US and the different cable and satellite providers have multiple and different channel number sets even within the same state.

Some people just memorize the channels that they usual go to, which sucks.

We wanted to have an easier way to find the right channels.  That’s why we created these channel lists for TNT for the biggest service providers in the nation.

Read on and find your channel.

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DirecTV TNT Channel

The correct channel number for TNT on DirecTV is Channel 245.

It will be on the same channel in San Diego as it is in San Antonio.  Channel 245 is the right channel to watch TNT on Directv no matter where you live.

DIRECTV has made it a lot easier for its customers compared to its cable television competitors. 

TNT is a bit far away though – it is an important channel that we would have liked to see closer to the front of our TV guide.

You can take a quick look at our list below to see that you can watch TNT in all the cities in the US on Channel 245.

That’s good news for people trying to watch basketball or reruns of Charmed.

TNT Channel

San Diego245New Orleans245
Los Angeles245Baltimore245
San Francisco245Detroit245
Washington DC245St. Louis245
Atlanta245Las Vegas245
Honolulu245New York245
Kansas City245Oklahoma City245
El Paso245Memphis245
Houston245San Antonio245

What Channel Is TNT On Spectrum

Usually, the TNT channel number for Spectrum is Channel 103.

Unfortunately, there’s several cities where that’s not the case.  On Spectrum, TNT is on multiple and different channels depending on where you live.

For instance, it’s on channels 52 and 752 in Long Beach but on channels 42 and 103 in Los Angeles.

You can try to go to Channel 103 to see if TNT is on that channel or you can look at our list below to find the right channel number.

It generally has a lower channel number that’s easier to find and surf to so it makes sense to start with that one first.

TNT Channel on Spectrum

Los Angeles42, 103
San Diego27, 103
Anaheim64, 103
Long Beach52, 752
Bakersfield33, 200
Reno55, 776
Corpus Christi30, 103
San Antonio27, 103
Austin67, 103
El Paso40, 103
Dallas77, 792
Birmingham30, 136
Montgomery22, 781
Lexington25, 112, 925
Louisville43, 112, 925
Charlotte26, 103
Durham26, 103
Raleigh26, 103
Indianapolis35, 136
Milwaukee33, 203
Kansas City32, 103
Columbus12, 112, 925
Cincinnati51, 203
Cleveland61, 203
New York3, 103
Albany3, 103
Buffalo3, 103
spectrum tnt channel list

TNT Channel On Dish

You can watch TNT on Dish Network on Channel 138.

Satellite providers like Dish and Directv have made it easier to find channels by having standardized sets of channels throughout the country.

They can do that because they have satellites that stream tv rather than having to string coaxial wires to your apartment.

Besides watching on Channel 138, you can watch TNT on the Dish Anywhere app and by logging into the TNT website and authenticating your Dish account.

For further reference, we’ve put the Dish TNT channels by city below.

TNT & Dish

San Diego138New Orleans138
Los Angeles138Baltimore138
San Francisco138Detroit138
Washington DC138St. Louis138
Atlanta138Las Vegas138
Honolulu138New York138
Kansas City138Oklahoma City138
El Paso138Memphis138
Houston138San Antonio138

Where Can You Watch TNT On Xfinity

The hardest service provider to find the right TNT channel number is Xfinity.

That’s because there’s 2-3 channels per city where you can watch TNT and TNT is on further out channels rather than some of the first channels on your TV guide.

When we did our research, there didn’t seem to be many commonalities in terms of which channels TNT was placed on Xfinity TVs.

The easiest way to find the right channel is just to go through our list below.  Hope this helps.

Xfinity TNT Channel List

Seattle54, 662Cape Coral55, 407
Spokane54, 662Atlanta41, 841
Tacoma54, 662Augusta25, 204, 1404
Vancouver54, 754Charleston4, 407
Portland54, 754Memphis26, 826, 1206
Salem54, 754Nashville38, 1404
Eugene54, 754Knoxville67, 1206
Salt Lake City39, 667, 1404Chattanooga15, 407
West Valley City39, 667, 1404Chicago13, 204
Provo39, 667Indianapolis30, 1206
Denver40, 667Fort Wayne24, 1206
Colorado60, 735, 1404Detroit33, 204, 1206
Boulder40, 667, 1404Grand Rapids33, 204, 1206
Saint Paul66, 204, 879Richmond34, 249, 825
Minneapolis36, 407, 879Alexandria36, 825, 1404
Albuquerque42, 249Washington DC62, 825
Santa Fe42, 249Baltimore30, 825
Las Cruces32, 249Philadelphia43, 825
Little Rock29, 1404Pittsburgh32, 825
Shreveport17, 407, 1206San Jose37, 737
Tallahassee61, 407San Francisco37, 737
Jacksonville46, 407Fresno25, 737
Orlando48, 407Sacramento44, 737
Miami42, 407Oakland37, 737
Fort Lauderdale42, 407Stockton39, 737
West Palm Beach48, 407Fremont37, 737
comcast tnt channel

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In our opinion, TNT is a very underrated channel.

Most people watch the channel for NBA games but there’s a lot of exciting AEW matches and a great film library with blockbusters like Aquaman and Knives Out.

Our wish is that with this guide, you were able to find the channel and support it so it can keep on putting out great content.

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