What Channel Is The CW On DirecTV?

by Mark Chen | Updated 11/8/23

directv cw channel

Since DirecTV is a satellite company, there are fixed channels where you can watch CW throughout the country. Those are channels 394 and 395 for CW on DirecTV.

However, if you don’t want to go all the way to those channels, there’s usually a lowered number channel that you can watch. These channels differ depending on where you live in the country.

As lifelong fans of the 100 and Supergirl, we wanted to make it easier to find the CW for DirecTV customers so our favorite shows get higher ratings and get renewed for even more seasons.

We put together a comprehensive list of CW channels for the top 100 cities in the US.

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Directv CW Channels

Birmingham21, 394, 395Baltimore54, 394, 395
Little Rock38, 394, 395Detroit50, 394, 395
Yuma12, 394, 395Minneapolis23, 394, 395
Phoenix61, 394, 395St. Louis11, 394, 395
Los Angeles394, 395Charlotte18, 394, 395
Bakersfield394, 395Omaha15, 394, 395
San Francisco44, 394, 395Albuquerque19, 394, 395
San Diego6, 394, 395Las Vegas33, 394, 395
Fresno59, 394, 395New York394, 395
Sacramento31, 394, 395Columbus53, 394, 395
Denver2, 394, 395Oklahoma City34, 394, 395
Colorado Springs57, 394, 395Portland32, 394, 395
Washington DC50, 394, 395Philadelphia57, 394, 395
Jacksonville17, 394, 395Nashville394, 395
Fort Worth33, 394, 395Memphis30, 394, 395
Miami39, 394, 395Brownsville394, 395
Tampa44, 394, 395El Paso8, 394, 395
Orlando18, 394, 395Houston39, 394, 395
Atlanta69, 394, 395Dallas33, 394, 395
Honolulu394, 395San Antonio35, 394, 395
Chicago26, 394, 395Austin54, 394, 395
Kansas City29, 394, 395Norfolk27, 394, 395
Louisville8, 394, 395Seattle11, 394, 395
New Orleans38, 394, 395Boston56, 394, 395

We can help you find more Directv channels with this article.

Texas/California DirecTV CW Channels

Most of the lowered number CW channels on DirecTV in Texas are on channels 30-40.

The right lower numbered channel in Houston is 39, while in Dallas it’s 33, and in San Antonio it’s Channel 35.

Where you’ll have to go to a different range of channel numbers are El Paso and Austin.  In El Paso, the right channel number is 8 while in Austin, 54 is where you’ll need to go.

For all these cities, you’ll always have the option to watch the CW on channels 394 and 395.

In California, CW is on random channels or not available at all except on 394 and 395.

There’s no lowered numbered CW channel in Los Angeles and Bakersfield.  For the rest of the big cities, we put the list of channels below.

San Francisco: 44, 394, 394
San Diego: 6, 394, 395
Fresno: 59, 394, 395
Sacramento: 31, 394, 395

Where Lowered Numbered Channels Are Not Available

It’s alarming but there’s a number of big cities in the US where the only channels where you can watch CW on DirecTV is Channel 394 or 395.

For whatever reason, they don’t have lowered number channels like the rest of the markets that we researched.

These cities are Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, Honolulu, and Brownsville.

We don’t think that it’s because there was a contract dispute and CW got left out, but more that when the time to create the channel lists for these areas, CW didn’t make the cut.

People in Louisville really love the CW though.  They have 4 channels where you can watch the channel: 8, 34, 394, and 395.

Other Places You Can Watch

CW is on two different groups of channel numbers on DirecTV in Florida.

Channel 17 is the right place to watch the CW in Jacksonville while Channel 18 is the right channel for Orlando.

Miami residents can watch on Channel 39, while those in Fort Worth will need to surf to Channel 33.  Finally for Tampa, the place to go to watch CW is Channel 44.

In terms of lowered numbered channels, CW can be found between channels 2 to 20

The lowest number channel is 2 in Denver.  They really love CW there.

Residents of St Louis and Seattle can watch the CW on Channel 11. If you’re in Yuma, the right channel is 12 while in Omaha, you’ll have to go to Channel 15.

Finally, for Charlotte, the CW is on Channel 18 while in Albuquerque it’s on Channel 19.

directv cw channels

Higher Numbered CW Channels

It can be hard to find the right channel number for CW on DirecTV, especially if it’s on channel 50+ and you have no desire to memorize the right channel so you can more easily watch Stargirl.

Popular channels for CW that are higher up include channels 50 and 57.

You can watch the CW on Channel 50 in Washington DC and Detroit.  Channel 57 is the right place to watch in Philadelphia and Colorado Springs.

There’s a list below of some other cities where you can watch CW on channel numbers 50-70.

Columbus: 53, 394, 395
Baltimore: 54, 394, 395
Boston: 56, 394, 395
Phoenix: 61, 394, 395
Atlanta: 69, 394, 395

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