CW Channels On Spectrum

What channel the CW is on your Spectrum TV will vary depending on where you live.

This is the legacy of the lack of standardization during the growth of the pay-tv industry in the United States.  Since the CW was a broadcast vs a cable channel, it will be in the first 20 channels of your TV.

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We’ve done the work to show you what channel the CW is on Spectrum for the biggest metro areas that Spectrum operates in.

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What Channel Is CW On Spectrum In California?

You can watch the CW on Spectrum in most of California by going to Channel 5 or 1212.

To watch the CW in San Diego, go to Channel 6.  For Tahoe and Reno, the CW is on Chanel 12

1212 is the HD channel although at this point most Spectrum subscribers have HD for all their channels.  There’s not going to be any difference between Channel 5 and 1212.

The CW in California is a special superstation under the designation KTLA.  It will have additional local programming compared to other markets in the US.

Spectrum CW Channels

Los Angeles5, 1212
San Diego6, 1212
Tahoe12, 13
Reno12, 695
Corpus Christi23, 1212
San Antonio7, 1212
Austin12, 1212
Dallas9, 1212
Montgomery14, 714
Saint Louis11, 711
Kansas City7
Charlotte11, 1212, 1261
Durham10, 1212
Cincinnati20, 989, 1024
Cleveland6, 1006
New York11, 1212
Albany15, 1212
Lexington5, 117
Louisville7, 914

CW Spectrum Channels in Texas

The CW channel is on Channel 1212 across Texas.  For the major cities in Texas, the CW is on slightly different channels.

San Antonio: Channel 7
Dallas: Channel 9
Austin: Channel 12
Corpus Christi: Channel 23

Either go to these channels or Channel 1212 to start watching the CW

What Channel is CW in New York

The CW is on Channel 11 and 1212 in New York State.

In Albany, the CW is on channels 15 and 1212.

The CW is a special superstation in New York as well – WPIX and will have special programs specific to the state.

cw channel on spectrum

Kentucky CW Spectrum Channel

CW is on channels 5 and 117 in Lexington.

In Louisville Kentucky, the CW is on channel 7 and 914 on Spectrum.

What Channel is CW on Spectrum in Ohio?

The CW is on a bunch of different channels for the major cities in Ohio.

Here’s the list below

Cincinnati: 20, 989
Columbus: 18
Cleveland: 6, 1006

Cleveland has a special superstation called WUAB that has special programming for the Cleveland area.

CW Spectrum Channels In the South

In North Carolina, you can watch the CW on Spectrum on channel 1212.

The CW is also on channels 11 and 1261 in Charlotte.  For Durham, you can go to Channel 10 to watch the CW.

For Montgomery, the CW is on channels 14 and 714 on Spectrum and for Saint Louis, the CW is on 11 and 711.

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