What Channel Is Fox On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/21/23

Fox is on a different channel for Xfinity customers depending on where you live.

There’s sometimes multiple channels that make it confusing.

We wanted to make it easier for people to watch all the football on Fox and Family Guy. So we researched for you and found out what channel Fox is where you live.

Look below to find the right channel in your area.

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Comcast Fox Channel

Fox On Xfinity

Seattle13, 113Atlanta4, 804
Spokane3, 103Memphis13, 813, 1013
Tacoma13, 113Nashville6, 1017
Vancouver12, 712Chicago12, 190
Portland12, 712Indianapolis11, 1011
Salem12, 712Fort Wayne12, 1012
Eugene5, 705Detroit12, 234, 1002
Salt Lake City13, 655, 1013Albuquerque2, 213
Provo13, 655Washington DC25, 805
Denver13, 655Baltimore15, 213, 805
Colorado Springs3, 721, 1021Philadelphia9, 805
Boulder13, 655, 1013Washington DC25, 805
Saint Paul9, 809Pittsburgh8, 808
Minneapolis9, 809Oakland2
Tallahassee10Stockton8, 808
Jacksonville10, 434, 436San Jose2
Orlando11San Francisco2
Miami7Fresno6, 706
Fort Lauderdale7Sacramento8, 708

You might also want to watch Fox News or Fox Sports 1 on Comcast. We’ve researched where those channels are as well.

CA Xfinity Fox Channels

You can watch the Fox Broadcast channel on Xfinity on Channel 2 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

In the Bay Area, Fox is a superstation called KTVU that has a higher percentage of local content compared to other Fox affiliates.

Channels 8 and 708 are the right places to watch Fox in Sacramento and Stockton.

It’s a little bit different in Fresno where you’ll need to go to channels 6 or 706 instead.

For Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Fox for Comcast customers is on channels 9 and 809.

fox xfinity channel list

Fox On Xfinity In Florida

Miami and Fort Lauderdale residents can watch Fox on Comcast on Channel 7.

11 is the right channel for Orlando and Channel 10 is where you’ll need to go in Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

There’s also an option to watch on channels 434 and 436 in Jacksonville in addition to Channel 10.

Fox channels in different cities in the same state are often close together.  One example is in Pennsylvania where Fox is on Channel 9 and 805 in Philadelphia and on 8 and 808 in Pittsburgh.

It’s also the case in Indianapolis where channels 11 and 1011 are the right ones for Indianapolis and channels 12 and 1012 are the right ones for Fort Wayne.

What Channel Is Fox On Comcast (WA/OR)

Xfinity customers in Seattle and Tacoma can watch the Fox broadcast channel on channels 13 and 113.

The right channels for Fox in Portland, Salem, and Vancouver are channels 12 and 712.

Rounding out the lot are Spokane and Eugene.  In Spokane, the right channels are 3 and 103 and in Eugene, they’re 5 and 705.

Channel 13 is also the right channel to watch Fox in much of Utah and Colorado.

13 will work for big cities like Salt Lake City, Provo, Denver, and Boulder.

Besides Channel 13, you can also watch on Channel 655 in Salt Lake City, Provo, Denver, and Boulder.

1013 is also an option for Salt Lake City and Boulder.

The only city where it’s different is Colorado Springs where the right channel to watch is 3, 721, or 1021.

Other Channels To Watch Fox

Fox is available in a number of other Xfinity cities but we didn’t really find any pattern to how they were laying the channels out.

Broadcast channels came first in the history of TV and Fox was the last broadcast channel to be made.

They just put the channel wherever they had space in particular areas.

Just look at our list below to find your city.

Albuquerque: 2, 213
Atlanta: 4, 804
Memphis: 13, 813, 1013
Nashville: 6, 1017
Chicago: 12, 190
Detroit: 12, 234, 1002
Washington DC: 25, 805
Baltimore: 15, 213, 805

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We hope our guide was helpful for finding Fox.

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