What Channel Is FS1 On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

FS1 is on a different channel for Xfinity customers depending on where they live. For example, Fox Sports 1 is on Channel 408 in Oakland, CA but on Channel 450 in Orlando, Florida.

It’s weird that they didn’t make it simple even though Fox Sports 1 isn’t a very old channel.

We didn’t want sports fans to miss any second of the games they love so we researched and found out what channel FS1 is on in the major cities where Comcast offers their service.

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Fox Sports 1 On Comcast List

FS1 Channel Guide

Seattle33, 620Cape Coral69, 450, 732
Spokane30, 620Atlanta75, 875
Tacoma33, 620Augusta43, 225, 1208
Vancouver408, 723Charleston99, 450
Portland408, 723Memphis225, 644, 853
Salem408, 723Nashville711, 1208
Eugene408, 723Knoxville52, 1620
Salt Lake City265, 691, 1208Chicago237, 408
Provo265, 691Indianapolis47, 1620
Denver77, 7777Fort Wayne46, 1620
Colorado Springs55, 775, 1208Detroit31, 223, 1620
Boulder77, 777, 1208Grand Rapids223, 731, 1622
Minneapolis732, 878Alexandria63, 857, 1208
Albuquerque38, 255Washington DC729, 857
Santa Fe38, 255Baltimore729, 857
Las Cruces255, 271Philadelphia729, 857
Little Rock46, 1208Pittsburgh122, 857
Shreveport35, 450, 1620San Jose408, 731
Tallahassee25, 450San Francisco408, 731
Jacksonville53, 450Fresno35, 731
Orlando26, 450Sacramento31, 408, 731
Miami450, 732Oakland408, 731
Fort Lauderdale40, 450Stockton408, 731
West Palm Beach450, 732Fremont408, 731
FS2 Channel List

Salt Lake City264, 722, 1209
Colorado Springs128, 1209
Boulder409, 708, 1209
Little Rock271
Fort Lauderdale741
West Palm Beach460, 740

What Channel Is FS1 On Comcast In California

Fox Sports 1 is on channels 408 and 731 in California for Xfinity customers.  This applies to the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Stockton, Fremont, and Modesto.

The only place where this isn’t the case is Fresno where you can’t watch FS1 on 407 and where you’ll have to go to 731.  It’s also on Channel 35 as well.

Residents of Sacramento can also watch Fox Sports 1 on Channel 31 besides 408 and 731.

857 is the right channel to watch FS1 in Richmond, Alexandria, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburg.

Besides 857, Fox Sports 1 is available on Channel 729 in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

Fox Sport 2 is offered by Comcast in Alexandria and Pittsburg.  It’s on 1666 in Pittsburg and 737 in Alexandria.

You can also watch FS1 on channels 3 and 242 in Richmond, 63 in Alexandria, and 122 in Pittsburg.

Washington & Oregon Fox Sports 1 Xfinity Channel

Residents of Washington can watch FS1 on Comcast on Channel 620 while those who live in Oregon can watch on channels 408 and 723.

It’s interesting but in Vancouver Washington, the channel for Fox Sports 1 is the same as the channel lineup for Oregon – 408 and 723.

In addition to Channel 620, FS1 is on Channel 33 in Seattle and Tacoma and 30 in Spokane.

Fox Sports 1 is available on channels 38 and 255 in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and 255 and 271 in Las Cruces in New Mexico.

fs1 xfinity channel list

FS1 On Xfinity in FL/LA

You can watch Fox Sports 1 on Xfinity in Louisiana and Florida on Channel 450.

For people who live in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Cape Coral, FS1 is also on channel 732.

FS2 is not available in all cities in FL/LA.  From our research, it seems to only be available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Shreveport.

740 is the right channel for West Palm Beach and Shreveport while 741 is the right channel for Fox Sports 2 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

There’s also some lowered number channels where you can watch FS1.  Take a look at the list below.

Tallahassee: 25, 450
Jacksonville: 53, 450
Orlando: 26, 450
Miami: 450, 732
Fort Lauderdale: 40, 450
West Palm Beach: 450, 732
Cape Coral: 69, 450, 732

Other Places To Watch

It’s really confusing to figure out what channels FS1 is in Tennessee.

It’s on channels 225, 644, 853, and 1620 in Memphis but 78 and 450 in Chattanooga.  We’re not actually sure why that’s the case.

Things are easier in Indiana.  There, just go to Channel 1620 or 46 in Fort Wayne or 47 in Indianapolis.

Here’s a list of the other big cities where you can watch FS1 or FS2 on Xfinity.

Fox Sports 1
Salt Lake City: 265, 691, 1208
Denver: 77, 777
Atlanta: 75, 875
Chicago: 237, 408
Detroit: 31, 223, 1620

Fox Sports 2
Salt Lake City: 264, 722, 1209
Colorado Springs: 128, 1209
Boulder: 409, 708, 1209
Minneapolis: 740

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