What Channel Is Fox News On Xfinity?

Fox News is on different channels on Xfinity depending on what city you’re in. If you haven’t memorized where it is, you might miss what’s happening in our country from Tucker or Hannity.

We wanted to fix that so we put together this list of what channels you can watch Fox News on Comcast. Hope this helps.

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Fox News Xfinity List

Comcast Fox News Channels

Seattle48, 655Miami32, 428
Spokane48, 655Fort Lauderdale32, 428
Tacoma48, 655Atlanta37, 837
Vancouver48, 748Memphis64, 814, 1105
Portland48, 748Nashville48, 1110
Salem48, 748Chicago71, 265
Eugene48, 748Indianapolis69, 1105
Salt Lake City49, 690, 1110Fort Wayne44, 1105
Provo49, 690Detroit52, 214, 1105
Denver42, 742Washington37, 820
Colorado Springs38, 776, 1110Baltimore61, 820
Boulder42, 742, 1110Philadelphia78, 820
Saint Paul60, 844Pittsburgh25, 820
Minneapolis63, 844San Jose59, 760
Albuquerque34, 240San Francisco59, 760
Tallahassee44, 428Fresno19, 760
Jacksonville33, 428Sacramento39, 760
Orlando44, 428Oakland59, 760

Fox News On Comcast (WA/OR)

Xfinity customers can watch Fox News on Channel 48 in Washington and Oregon.

Fox News is also available on Channel 655 in Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma and on Channel 748 in Vancouver, Portland, Salem, and Eugene.

If you live in Utah, you can watch Fox News on channels 49 and 690.  There’s also an option to watch on Channel 1110 in Salt Lake City.

In Minnesota, Channel 844 is the right channel to surf to for Fox News.  Saint Paul residents can also watch on 60 while those in Minneapolis can watch on 63.

What Channel Is Fox News On Xfinity In Florida

You can watch Fox News on Comcast on Channel 428 in Florida.  It’s on lowered numbered channels as well

44 is the right lowered numbered channel for Tallahassee and Orlando and 32 is the right channel for Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

For those who live in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, Channel 820 is the right channel for Fox News.

There are lowered-numbered channels that I’ve listed below.

Washington DC: 37, 820
Baltimore: 61, 820
Philadelphia: 78, 820
Pittsburgh: 25, 820

comcast fox news channel

California Xfinity Fox News Channel

760 is the right channel to watch Fox News for Xfinity subscribers in California.

You also have the option to watch on Channel 59 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, and 18 in Fresno and Stockton.

For those who live in Indiana, Channel 1105 is the channel for Fox News.  It’s also on Channel 44 in Fort Wayne and Channel 69 in Indianapolis.

Other Channels You Can Watch

There are some other places where you can watch Fox News on Comcast.  It’s not very organized though.

It’s probably just easiest to list the remaining channels below so that’s what I did.

Albuquerque: 34, 240
Atlanta: 37, 837
Memphis: 64, 814, 1105
Nashville: 48, 1110
Chicago: 71, 265
Detroit: 42, 214, 1105

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