What Channel Is Hallmark On Spectrum

by Mark Chen | Updated 10/25/23

what channel is hallmark on spectrum

For Spectrum, the Hallmark channel is on multiple and different channels in the cities that it operates in.

In most cities, there’s Hallmark Channel East and Hallmark Channel West with different programming as well as the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

It can be pretty confusing when all you want to do is watch another sappy Christmas romantic movie.

We wanted to fix that so we did some research to find out what channel Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mystery is on the different cities Spectrum is offered in.

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Spectrum Hallmark Channels

You can watch the Hallmark Channel on Spectrum on the following stations:

Spectrum Hallmark Channel List

Los Angeles88, 123
San Diego88, 123
Anaheim88, 123
Long Beach80, 780
Reno27, 90
Corpus Christi65, 123
San Antonio53, 123
Austin39 123
El Paso123
Dallas46, 82
Birmingham41, 128, 1128
Montgomery93, 736
Lexington260, 987
Louisville68, 260, 987
Charlotte23, 123
Durham55, 123
Raleigh55, 123
Indianapolis57, 128, 1128
Milwaukee62, 113, 1113
Kansas City61, 123
Columbus62, 260, 987
Cincinnati32, 113, 1113
Cleveland40, 113, 1113
New York84, 123
Albany77, 123
Buffalo63, 123

Christmas might be over but we still love the Hallmark channel. There’s plenty of things to watch on your Spectrum tv.

Channel List Movies & Mysteries

The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel is on the following channels in these Spectrum cities.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Spectrum Channel List

Los Angeles89, 629
San Diego89, 629
Anaheim89, 629
Long Beach81, 781
Bakersfield74, 643, 1390
Corpus Christi88, 629
San Antonio84, 629
Austin51, 629
El Paso88, 629
Dallas46, 836
Birmingham601, 1601
Montgomery82, 863
Lexington51, 261, 262
Louisville58, 261, 262
Charlotte78, 629
Durham78, 629
Raleigh78, 629
Indianapolis87, 601, 1601
Milwaukee117, 1117
Kansas City71, 629
Columbus64, 117, 1117
Cincinnati52, 1117
Cleveland117, 1117
New York629
Albany76, 629
Buffalo85, 629

Halmart Channel On Spectrum (NY & NC)

You can watch the Hallmark channel in New York on Channel 123.  It’s also on 84 in New York, 77 in Albany, and 63 in Buffalo.

To watch the Hallmark movies and mystery channel, you can go to Channel 629.

It’s only Channel 629 in Manhattan but there are additional movie and mystery channels you can watch in Albany on Channel 76 and 85 in Buffalo.

North Carolina is similar.  The Hallmark Channel is on Channel 123 for Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh.

There’s an additional Hallmark Channel you can watch in Durham and Raleigh.  That’s Channel 55.

In Charlotte, you can also watch on Channel 23 as well as Channel 123.

Watching the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel in North Carolina is pretty simple.

Just navigate on your remote to channels 78 and 629.

Spectrum Hallmark Channels In Texas

spectrum hallmark channel

The Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel is on Channel 629 in Texas for Spectrum customers with the exception of Dallas. 

It’s on Channel 836 there. It’s also on the following channels:

Corpus Christi: 88, 629
San Antonio: 84, 629
Austin: 51, 629
El Paso: 88, 629
Dallas: 46, 836

The regular Hallmark Channel in Texas is generally on Channel 123.

It’s the only place you can watch Hallmark in El Paso.

Other places you can watch include Channel 65 in Corpus Christi, 53 in San Antonio, and 39 in Austin.

The correct channels for Dallas for Hallmark are 46 and 82.

Where To Watch In Ohio

In Ohio, the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel is on channels 117 and 1117 for Spectrum customers.

You can also watch movies and mysteries on 64 in Columbus and 52 in Cincinnati.  Cleveland doesn’t have a secondary channel.

For Cincinnati and Cleveland, you can watch the Hallmark Channel on 113 and 1113.  Other channels to watch include 32 in Cincinnati and 40 in Cleveland.

It’s on channels 62, 260, and 987 for the Hallmark Channel on Spectrum for Columbus.

Other Places To Watch

There’s a lot of channels where you can watch the Hallmark movies and mysteries channel in Kentucky if you’re on Spectrum.

You can watch on channels 261, 262, 627, and 628 in Lexington and Louisville.  It’s a lot of channels.

City unique channels include 51 in Lexington and 58 in Louisville.

The regular Hallmark Channel is on 260 and 987 in Kentucky.

You also have the option to watch on Channel 68 in Louisville.

California Spectrum Hallmark Channel List

For most of California, you can watch the Hallmark Channel on Spectrum on channels 88 and 123.  That’s for Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim.

The only channel you can watch Hallmark in Bakersfield is Channel 60.

In Long Beach, the right channels are 80 and 780.

The right channels to watch Hallmark movies and mysteries are 89 and 629 in LA, SD, and Anaheim.

It’s on 74, 643, and 1390 in Bakersfield and 81 and 781 in Long Beach.

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