How To Lower Your Consumer Cellular Bill

by Allison Cruz | Updated 1/2/24

While Consumer Cellular offers decently priced plans for those of us who are less tech-savvy, there are still a bunch of ways you can lower your Consumer Cellular bill and save money.

If you’re on a fixed income, it’s always a good idea to save on fixed expenses such as your phone bill. 

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How To Get A Lower Consumer Cellular Plan

You can save on your Consumer Cellular bill by checking that you’re not on an overpriced older plan.

You should not be paying a penny more than what new Consumer Cellular customers are currently paying.

A common practice for phone and cable companies is charging higher prices to loyal customers. Your phone company relies on you not checking that your current plan is 25% cheaper.

If you’re overpaying, get Consumer Cellular to switch your plan by calling their customer support team at (888) 345-5509.

They’ll just do it.  They know that you can easily cancel and sign back up at the current rate.

While you’re at it, you can try to get greater discounts than Consumer Cellular published rates.

It’s not like Consumer Cellular is super expensive. But why not get $10-$20 taken off your bill for a year or some one-time credits.

Just let them know that you’re a long-time customer and that you’re on a fixed income.  They’ll understand and most importantly they want to keep you subscribed.

If you can’t swing a discount with the first rep, ask to talk to a supervisor. They have greater authority to give out bigger discounts.

Change To An Unlimited Talk Only Plan

One of the best ways to save on Consumer Cellular is to see if you’re overpaying on data.

In the most extreme cases, you can save $40 a line per month if you don’t need or use data. 

There’s a pretty big downside with the Unlimited Talk Only plan though.  Unlimited Talk Only doesn’t include texting.

This makes communicating with younger family members much trickier.

If you’re having difficulties, you can call Consumer Cellular at (888) 345-5509 or by chatting with them online at

Consumer Cellular makes a big deal that their customer support is all US-based. They’re used to people having questions about plans and trying to find ways to save on their bills.

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lowering consumer cellular bills

Lowering Your Consumer Cellular Bill By Switching Your Data Plan

A less dramatic way to save is by switching from an unlimited plan to a plan that covers the amount of data that you use every month.

Monthly data plans range from $20 to $45 a month compared to $55 a month for an unlimited plan.

With our customers, we’ve seen that most use less than 10gb of data a month. With that in mind, they should really be on the 3gb or 7gb plans saving $20 to $30 a line.

If you go over your plan data for the month, you don’t lose service.  Consumer Cellular will just throttle your data so you’ll have reduced speeds and video viewing quality.

Even with an unlimited data plan, your data gets throttled at 35gb a month anyways.

You really only need data when you’re on the go. You can connect your phone to a wifi network when you’re at home or at work.

Consumer Cellular AARP Discount

You can save 5% on your Consumer Cellular bill if you have and link your AARP membership.

Consumer Cellular claims that customers save $24 on average on their bills when they link their account. They also extend a longer guarantee for trying out Consumer Cellular if you’re an AARP member.

If your AARP membership isn’t linked to your Consumer Cellular and you’re not receiving your discount, you can call Consumer Cellular customer support to get them to apply the discount for you.

Connecting your AARP membership doesn’t introduce other restrictions to your Consumer Cellular plan. There’s no downside whatsoever in connecting your account.

how to lower consumer cellular bills

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Switch To A Different Provider

Another way to save on Consumer Cellular is to switch to another provider that offers better plans for a lower monthly rate.

Consumer Cellular has competitive monthly data plans. However, their Unlimited plan is much less competitive vs providers like Visible or Mint Mobile.

For these competitors, you can get unlimited data for $25 or $30 a month.  There’s some additional things that you’d need to do like enroll for.

For Visible that’s signing up for the party pay system. For Mint Mobile, you need to sign up for 3 months.

That could be worth it for you to save 50% on your phone bill by making this simple switch.

You’ll need to weigh that against the risk of switching to a new provider and dealing with tech issues and if you like being with Consumer Cellular and their customer service.

Save On Consumer Cellular With BillSmart!

There’s wisdom with age and experience. We’ve shared the main things that we’ve found work for lowering your Consumer Cellular bill.

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