What Channel Is Paramount On Xfinity?

The Paramount Channel is on a different channel on your Xfinity TV depending on where you live.  It can take a while to find the right channel so we did the research for you.

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Paramount Comcast Channel List

Xfinity Paramount Channel List

Seattle57, 640Cape Coral63, 452
Spokane57, 640Atlanta78, 878
Tacoma57, 640Augusta41, 235, 1412
Vancouver57, 757Charleston44, 452
Portland57, 757Memphis57, 829, 1209
Salem57, 757Nashville61, 1412
Eugene57, 757Knoxville69, 1209
Salt Lake City51, 696, 1412Chattanooga44, 452
Provo51, 696Indianapolis48, 1209
Denver59, 759Fort Wayne47, 1209
Colorado64, 794, 1412Detroit57, 226, 1209
Boulder59, 759, 1412Grand Rapids59, 226, 1209
Saint Paul43, 866Richmond39, 827
Minneapolis34, 400, 866Alexandria34, 827, 1412
Albuquerque47, 226Washington DC67, 827
Santa Fe47, 847Baltimore34, 827
Las Cruces34, 834Philadelphia36, 827
Little Rock63, 1412Pittsburgh45, 827
Shreveport38, 452, 1209San Jose45, 743
Tallahassee60, 452San Francisco45, 743
Jacksonville40, 452Fresno39, 743
Orlando46, 452Sacramento58, 743
Miami44, 452Oakland45, 743
Fort Lauderdale63, 452Stockton66, 743
West Palm Beach31, 452Fremont45, 743

Xfinity Paramount Channels In CA and WA

The Paramount Channel is on Channel 743 for Xfinity customers in California.  If you don’t want to go all the way to 743, you can watch on 45 in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Fremont.

Other options for the big cities in CA include Channel 66 in Stockton & Modesto, 39 in Fresno, and 58 in Sacramento.

If you live in Washington, you can watch Paramount on Comcast on channels 57 and 640. 

The only city where that’s not the case is Vancouver, WA.  There, instead of going to 640, you need to go to Channel 757.

Florida Comcast Paramount Channels

Florida residents can watch the Paramount Network on Xfinity on Channel 452.  It’s also on the following lower number channels:

Tallahassee: 60, 452
Jacksonville: 40, 452
Orlando: 46, 452
Miami: 44, 452
Fort Lauderdale: 63, 452
West Palm Beach: 31, 452
Cape Coral: 63, 452

The right channels to watch Paramount on Comcast in Oregon are channels 57 and 757.  Very simple.

For those who live in Utah, the right channels for Paramount are 51 and 696.  There’s a 3rd Paramount station in Salt Lake City on Channel 1412 as well.

paramount channel for comcast

East Coast Paramount Channels On Xfinity

827 is the right channel number to watch the Paramount Network on Comcast for many Eastern Starboard cities.

That number will work for the cities of Richmond, Alexandria, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

There’s not much logic but here’s some of the other channels besides 827 that you can watch Paramount on.

For Pennsylvania, besides 827, you can watch on Channel 36 in Philadelphia and on Channel 45 in Pittsburgh.

Paramount is available on Channel 34 and 1412 in Alexandria and Channel 39 in Richmond in Virginia.

34 is the right channel to go to watch the Paramount Network in Baltimore while Channel 67 is the right lower numbered channel for the nations’ capital of Washington D.C.

Where To Watch In Middle America

You can watch the Paramount Network on Comcast on Channels 48 and 1209 in Indianapolis and 47 and 1209 in Fort Wayne.

In Michigan, you have the option to go to channels 226 and 1209.  If you want to surf to a channel with a lower number, press 57 on your remote in Detroit and 59 in Grand Rapids.

People who live in Denver or Boulder in Colorado can watch the Paramount Channel on channels 59 and 759.

These lucky individuals also can watch on 1412 in Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Colorado Springs has different lowered number channels than the other two cities that we mentioned.  You’re forced to go to channels 64 and 794 to watch Paramount.

Other Channels For The Paramount Network

We looked but we couldn’t find a lot of logic in the channel groups for the rest of the cities we did research for.

Here’s the grab bag that we came up with:

Little Rock: 63, 1412
Shreveport: 38, 452, 1209
Chicago: 53, 290
Atlanta: 78, 878
Augusta: 41, 235, 1412
Charleston: 44, 452
Memphis: 57, 829, 1209
Nashville: 61, 1412
Knoxville: 69, 1209

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