What Channel Is Paramount On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

Across Spectrum, the Paramount Channel is on different frequencies depending on where you live.

It’s even more confusing because sometimes there are 2-4 Paramount channels in your TV guide.

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We did the research and made this guide of what channels the Paramount Network is on Spectrum across the major areas where they operate.

Enjoy and if you’d like to make it easier to watch shows on Paramount, sign up for Paramount+.

You’ll be able to stream the shows on the Paramount Network as well as exclusives like Yellowstone 1883.

Full List of Channels

Here’s the full list of channels where you can watch the Paramount Channel on Spectrum

The Paramount Channel on Spectrum

Los Angeles45, 116
San Diego38, 116
Anaheim66, 116
Long Beach53, 753
Bakersfield38, 211
Reno71, 798
Corpus Christi34, 116
San Antonio59, 116
Austin69, 116
El Paso36, 116
Dallas74, 715
Birmingham64, 143
Montgomery54, 847
Lexington44, 141
Louisville41, 141
Charlotte44, 116
Durham40, 116
Raleigh40, 116
Indianapolis24, 143
Milwaukee51, 206
Kansas City38, 116
Columbus13, 27
Cincinnati47, 206
Cleveland43, 206
New York36, 116
Albany55, 116
Buffalo40, 116

If you want to watch Yellowstone on Spectrum, go to the Paramount Channel. That’s the only legal place besides Paramount+ to watch this show.

We also made a guide on how to watch Yellowstone on Xfinity as well.

Paramount Network On Spectrum In Texas

Most people can watch the Paramount Network in Texas on their Spectrum TV on channel 116.  This will work for cities like Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.

The only exception is Dallas where the correct channel is 74 or 715.

There are other Paramount channels in the cities mentioned above.  I’ve provided a full list of the channels where you can watch the Paramount Network in these cities.

One of the exciting things happening is the Yellowstone 1883 is playing on the Paramount Channel rather than just on Paramount+.

You can catch it on Sundays at 8/7 Central. It’s also great that there’s going to be a main Yellowstone series marathon on the 4th of July.

Don’t miss out.

New York Spectrum Paramount Channel

Like Texas, the Paramount Channel is also on Channel 116 for Spectrum in New York.

For Manhattan, you can also watch on 36.  In Buffalo, go to 40 and for Albany go to Channel 55.

paramount channel on spectrum

Where To Watch In Kentucky And North Carolina

You can watch the Paramount channel in Kentucky on channel 141/994 and in North Carolina on channel 116.

Additional channels where you can watch for Durham and Raleigh include 40 while in Charlotte you can also watch on channel 44.

In Lexington Kentucky, you can surf to 41 to watch the Paramount Channel on Spectrum while in Louisville, go to 41 to watch the Paramount channel.

Spectrum Paramount Channel Ohio

The Paramount Channel is on 206 and 1206 for Cincinnati and Cleveland for Spectrum customers.  You can also watch on 47 in Cincinnati and 43 in Cleveland.

In Columbus, the Paramount Channel is on 13, 27, 141, 994.

Don’t ask us why some places have 2 identical channels vs 4.  It’s one of those mysteries like is the Loch Ness monster real.

The Paramount Channel In California

The Paramount Channel is on 116 for Spectrum in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim.  It’s also on 45 in Los Angeles, 38 in San Diego, and 66 in Anaheim.

In the city of Long Beach, the Paramount Channel is on 53 and 753.

For Bakersfield, you can go to 38 or 211 to watch the Paramount Channel.

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