What Channel Is Yellowstone On Xfinity?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/3/24

Sick of searching for the right channel for Yellowstone on your Xfinity TV?

With the Paramount Channel available in different places depending on where you live, it’s no wonder tracking down the right channel can be a hassle.

But don’t worry – we did all the hard work so that you don’t have to!

Life can be easier if you sign up for Paramount Plus.

With the service, you can watch Yellowstone and other shows whenever and wherever you want.

There’s even special prequel shows with Harrison Ford and Helen Miriem like Yellowstone 1883 that are exclusive to the service.

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Comcast Yellowstone Channel List

Yellowstone on Xfinity

Seattle57, 640Atlanta63, 78, 878
Spokane57, 640Indianapolis48, 1209
Tacoma57, 640Fort Wayne47, 1209
Vancouver57, 757Detroit57, 226, 1209
Portland57, 757Memphis57, 829, 1209
Salem57, 757Nashville61, 1412
Eugene57, 757Knoxville69, 1209
Salt Lake City51, 696, 1412Provo51, 696
Denver59, 759Colorado Springs64, 794, 1412
Saint Paul43, 866Richmond39, 827
Minneapolis34, 400, 866Alexandria34, 827, 1412
Albuquerque47, 226Washington DC67, 827
Santa Fe47, 847Baltimore34, 827
Little Rock63, 1412Philadelphia36, 827
Little Rock63, 1412Pittsburgh45, 827
Fort Lauderdale63, 452San Jose45, 743
Tallahassee60, 452San Francisco45, 743
Jacksonville40, 452Fresno39, 743
Orlando46, 452Sacramento58, 743
Miami44, 452Oakland45, 743

Yellowstone is on the Paramount Channel on Xfinity.

If you have a Spectrum instead of Comcast service, you can find Yellowstone on Spectrum here.

Xfinity Yellowstone Channels (WA/OR/UT/CO)

Channel 57 is the right channel to watch Yellowstone on your Xfinity TV in Washington and Oregon.

If the picture quality of Channel 57 is poor because you have an older TV, you can go to Channel 640 in Washington and Channel 757 for an HD Version of the Yellowstone Channel.

To watch Yellowstone in Utah, go to channel 51 or 696.  You also have the option to watch on Channel 1412 in Salt Lake City.

Where to watch in Colorado is pretty interesting.  Yellowstone is on Channel 59 in Denver and Boulder and is also available on Channel 1412 in Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Odd man out channels include Channel 794 in Colorado Springs and Channel 759.

The mixed shared channels is something we’ve noticed a bunch of times happening in Colorado.

4th of July is a time for family and to watch the Duttons. That’s why there’s a marathon of the main Yellowstone series then.

Another recent exciting development is that 1887 now airs on Sundays on the Paramount channel rather than just Paramount+.

You can watch Yellowstone 1887 at 8/7 central.

California & Florida Channels for Yellowstone

You can watch Yellowstone on Comcast on Channel 743 in California.

743 is really far down in the channel guide so if you don’t want to go all that way, you can watch Yellowstone on the following channels.

San Jose: 45, 473
San Francisco: 45, 743
Fresno: 39, 743
Sacramento: 58, 743
Oakland: 45, 743

The most common lowered numbered channel is 45 but that’s not the case in many cities in California.

Florida is in a similar situation to CA.

There the right channel for Yellowstone is Channel 452.  Lowered numbered channels are available and you can see them below.

Tallahassee: 60, 452
Jacksonville: 40, 452
Orlando: 46, 452
Miami: 44, 452
Fort Lauderdale: 63, 452

yellowstone on comcast channel guide

Yellowstone on Xfinity In New Mexico

In New Mexico, Yellowstone is on Channel 47 on Xfinity TVs.  It’s also on Channel 847 in Santa Fe and 226 in Albuquerque.

Instead of being on a lowered number channel, Yellowstone is on Channel 866 in Minnesota.

If you don’t want to go all the way to 866, you have the option to watch on Channel 43 in Saint Paul and 34 and 400 in Minneapolis.

It’s even worse in Indiana.  There the right channel for Yellowstone is Channel 1209 although you have the option to watch on Channel 47 in Fort Wayne and 48 in Indianapolis.

Other Places You Can Watch

The simplest way for many residents of big East Coast cities is to watch Yellowstone on Xfinity by going to Channel 827.

Where this applies is Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Other lowered-numbered channels exist as well.  They are Channel 67 in DC, 34 in Baltimore, 36 in Philadelphia, and 45 in Pittsburgh.

Lower Your Comcast Bill With BillSmart!

Yellowstone is great and with the help of our guide, you were able to find out what’s happening with the Duttons this week.

If you want to find out how the Duttons got the Yellowstone ranch, you’ll need to sign up for Paramount+.

Right now there are Yellowstone stories for 1883 and 1923 and more prequels are coming.

Don’t get left behind and confused about what’s happening and watch now. It’s free for the first month.

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