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by Daniel Smith | Updated 7/11/23

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Finding the ABC channel isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  ABC is on different and multiple channels depending on where you live and what service provider you have.

There wasn’t a great guide on what channels you could watch ABC depending on where you live so we went out and made one ourselves.

Below, you’ll find out what channel ABC is on in your city depending on what service provider you have.

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ABC Directv Channel

While ABC is on different lowered number channels, you can always find ABC on DirecTV on channels 396 and 397.

Directv has set up standardized channel numbers throughout its nationwide footprint even for broadcast channels like ABC and CBS.

It’s often easier to just find the lowered numbered channel which should be one of the first channels on your TV guide.

Look below for the lowered numbered ABC channel in your city.

Directv ABC Channels

Birmingham67, 396, 397Baltimore2, 396, 397
Little Rock7, 396, 397Detroit7, 396, 397
Phoenix15, 396, 397Minneapolis5, 396, 397
Yuma10, 396, 397St. Louis30, 396, 397
Los Angeles7, 396, 397Charlotte9, 396, 397
San Francisco7, 396, 397Omaha7, 396, 397
Bakersfield23, 396, 397Albuquerque7, 396, 397
San Diego10, 396, 397Las Vegas13, 396, 397
Fresno30, 396, 397New York7, 396, 397
Sacramento10, 396, 397Columbus6, 396, 397
Colorado Springs13, 396, 397Oklahoma City5, 396, 397
Denver7, 396, 397Portland2, 396, 397
Washington DC7, 396, 397Philadelphia6, 396, 397
Jacksonville25, 396, 397Nashville2, 396, 397
Fort Worth8, 396, 397Memphis24, 396, 397
Miami10, 396, 397El Paso7, 396, 397
Orlando9, 396, 397Houston11, 396, 397
Tampa28, 40, 396, 397Brownsville5, 396, 397
Atlanta2, 396, 397Dallas8, 396, 397
Honolulu4, 396, 397San Antonio12, 396, 397
Chicago7, 396, 397Austin24, 396, 397
Kansas City9, 396, 397Norfolk13, 396, 397
Louisville6, 11, 396, 397Seattle4, 396, 397
New Orleans26, 396, 397Boston5, 9, 396, 397

What Channel Is ABC On Dish

Finding the right channel for ABC on Dish is about the same level of difficulty as it is for cable providers like Cox and Xfinity.

That’s because there’s no standardized channel for broadcast channels on Dish like there is for the other cable networks on your TV.

Dish just took the channels that were in the area when they started out.

What we know as ABC used to be separate local broadcast stations before they merged and shared programming.

There’s usually only one or two channels where you can watch ABC on Dish.  The only exception is Tampa where there are 4 channels with funny channels like Channel 5150.

Make it easier for yourself by finding your channel on a city basis with the list below.

Dish ABC Channels

Bakersfield23, 42New Orleans26
Fresno30Boston5, 9
Los Angeles7Detroit7
Sacramento10Las Vegas13
San Diego10New York7
San Francisco7Philadelphia6
Colorado Springs13Memphis24
Washington DC7Austin24
Fort Worth8Brownsville5
Miami10El Paso7
Tampa7, 28, 5150, 8690San Antonio12
dish abc channel guide

Spectrum ABC Channels

Most of the time, ABC is on a single-digit channel on your Spectrum TV guide.

For instance, ABC is on Channel 3 in Austin and on Channel 7 in New York.

These channel numbers have some similarities based on geography but are different depending on where you live.

There’s usually a higher-numbered channel in the 1000+ range that you can surf to if you don’t have an HD tv signal.

We researched where ABC is on Spectrum for the major cities where Spectrum has operations.

Our results are below.

The ABC Channel on Spectrum

Los Angeles7, 1200
San Diego10, 1200
Long Beach7, 707
Bakersfield8, 11
Reno8, 788
Corpus Christi5, 1209
San Antonio13, 1200
Austin3, 1209
El Paso6, 1200
Dallas8, 788
Birmingham33, 1033
Montgomery4, 704
Charlotte4, 1200
Durham6, 1200
Raleigh9, 1200
Indianapolis7, 1007
Kansas City12
Cincinnati9, 1009
Cleveland5, 1005
New York7, 1200
Albany10, 1200
Buffalo7, 1200

Where Can You Watch ABC On Xfinity

ABC is on different and multiple channels on Xfinity depending on what city you live in.

Thankfully, the channel numbers are similar intrastate in the different regions that Comcast offers its service.

Most of the time, ABC is on a lowered numbered channel.

There’s usually two channels where you can watch ABC on Comcast but there are some cases where there are 3 channels.

For a full list of channels where you can watch ABC on Xfinity, consult the table below.

ABC Xfinity Channel List

Seattle4, 104Cape Coral7, 431
Spokane4, 104Atlanta3, 97, 803
Tacoma4, 104Augusta2, 231, 1006
Vancouver2, 702Charleston8, 431
Portland2, 702Memphis7, 807, 1007
Salem2, 702Nashville2, 1002
Eugene9, 709Knoxville13, 1006
Salt Lake City4, 652, 1004Chattanooga10, 431
Provo4, 652Indianapolis5, 1006
Denver7, 652Fort Wayne7, 1007
Colorado Springs12, 713, 1013Detroit17, 231, 1007
Boulder7, 652, 1007Grand Rapids4, 237, 1004
Saint Paul5, 805Richmond8, 808
Minneapolis5, 805Alexandria7, 807, 1007
Albuquerque7, 210Washington DC27, 807
Santa Fe7, 210Baltimore12, 210, 802
Las Cruces7, 210Philadelphia6, 806
Little Rock8, 1007Pittsburgh9, 189, 805
Shreveport4, 432, 1003San Jose7, 707
Tallahassee7, 431San Francisco7, 707
Jacksonville5, 431Fresno3, 703
Orlando10, 431Sacramento10, 710
Miami10, 431Oakland7, 707
Fort Lauderdale10, 431Stockton10, 710
abc comcast channel list

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