What Channel Is ABC On Dish Network?

by Mark Chen | Updated 9/25/23

There’s usually only one channel on Dish where you can watch ABC. That channel is different depending on which area you live in.

Dish doesn’t have a great channel guide so we made one for ABC and the other popular TV channels.

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ABC On Dish

Dish ABC Channels

Bakersfield23, 42New Orleans26
Fresno30Boston5, 9
Los Angeles7Detroit7
Sacramento10Las Vegas13
San Diego10New York7
San Francisco7Philadelphia6
Colorado Springs13Memphis24
Washington DC7Austin24
Fort Worth8Brownsville5
Miami10El Paso7
Tampa7, 28, 5150, 8690San Antonio12

ABC Channel On Dish In California & Florida

Dish customers can watch ABC on Channel 7 in LA and SF and on Channel 10 in Sacramento and San Diego.

In Bakersfield, ABC is available on two channels – 23 and 42 while in Fresno you can watch on Channel 30.

With the exception of Jacksonville, ABC is available on lowered-numbered channels in Florida.

They are 7 in Tampa, 8 in Fort Worth, and 9 in Orlando.

Tampa is really interesting that besides Channel 7, there are options to watch on channels 28, 5150, and 8690.

For the other cities in Florida like Miami and Jacksonville, go to 10 for Miami and 25 for Jacksonville.

Texas ABC Dish Channels

In Texas, ABC will be on channels 5-24 for Dish Network.

ABC is on channels below channel 10 in these cities: Dallas, El Paso, and Brownsville.

The right channel to navigate to watch ABC in these cities are 8 in Dallas, 7 in El Paso, and 5 in Brownsville.

People in San Antonio can watch on Channel 12 while those in Houston need to go to Channel 13.

24 is the right channel for ABC in Austin Texas.

dish abc channel guide

Other Channels In Other Cities

The most common channel for ABC to be on Dish is Channel 7.

That’s the right channel for the following cities: SF, Denver, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, NY, and El Paso.

ABC is usually on a single channel on Dish Network.  The only cities where that’s not the case are Tampa, Boston, and Bakersfield.

We talked about two of those cities but for the one we didn’t – Boston; you can mosey to Channel 5 or Channel 9 to start watching ABC.

Places where it might be hard to start watching ABC are when it’s on a higher-numbered channel.

Where this is the case include Austin, Memphis, and New Orleans.

You can look at our list below to see the right channel to watch.

Bakersfield: 23
Austin: 24
Memphis: 24
Jacksonville: 25
New Orleans: 26

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