How To Cancel Your AT&T Wireless Service

by Daniel Smith | Updated 1/2/24

It’s unfortunate but ATT really makes it difficult to cancel your AT&T service.  They don’t allow for basic things like cancelling online unless it’s illegal in your state not to do so.

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AT&T Cancel Service Number

To cancel your AT&T service, ATT asks you to call (800) 331-0500 on their website.

That’s the sales department.  It’s going to be faster and easier for you to call (877) 714-1509.  That’s the ATT loyalty department which is less focused on upselling you and more focused on retaining you.

Many times, if you start out with the sales department, you’ll just be moved to the loyalty department anyway when the agent realizes that you’re really trying to break up with AT&T.

If it’s taking too long to get to an agent at (877) 714-1509, you can try calling (877) 999-1085.

That’s also the number for the loyalty department but these are offshore agents in countries like India and the Philippines.

They have similar amounts of leeway to make changes to your account as a US-based agent but we’ve found that most customers prefer dealing with American agents who understand what they’re trying to do and process their changes faster.

Please note that if you cancel your ATT service early and are on a contract, you’ll need to pay AT&T a hefty early termination fee.

Cancelling Your AT&T Service Online

You can only cancel your AT&T service online if you’re in New York and Illinois and you ordered your service online.

These states have greater consumer protections that ATT is forced to follow or be fined by the AG.

To cancel ATT service in those states, go to and follow the cancellation steps on the account page.

For customers not living in those states, there’s no option to cancel your AT&T service online.

The easiest way to cancel your ATT wireless service is by calling their customer support department at (800) 331-0500 and starting the cancellation process.

They want the chance to save your business before letting you go, and they hope that making it more difficult for you to cancel will lead you to stay for an extra month or forever.

att cancel service phone number
What AT&T wants you to do before cancelling

Cancelling An AT&T Line

AT&T treats cancelling a line the same as cancelling your account.

There’s no way to cancel a line online so you’ll need to call AT&T customer support at (800) 331-0500 to make changes to your plan.

Your money is important to ATT.

You’ll need to go through a similar spiel as cancelling your ATT but a bit shorter because you’re only trying to remove a line instead of the entire account.

Once you’re connected and you’ve been verified to make changes to your account, tell the AT&T customer support representative which lines you want to be removed.

Verify with them what your next bill will look like once you remove the line.  Sometimes there are ATT promotions that are removed if the number of lines you have changed.

This is a good chance to see if there are other ways to save money on your bill.

Please note that if you’re on an instalment plan, the remaining balance becomes due immediately when you cancel the line linked to the plan.

If you don’t want that to happen, talk to the rep and see if they can move the instalments to another line so you don’t have a huge lump sum payment on your next statement.

How To Cancel Your ATT Prepaid Plan

To cancel your AT&T prepaid plan, just stop making payments.

Your prepaid service will shut off 60 days after your balance runs out.

Remember to turn off autopay so you stop paying for the service when you want to cancel it.

3rd party subscriptions don’t automatically end when you stop paying for your prepaid account.

You’ll need to cancel them separately by going here.

Put in your phone number, pin and one-time pin and then select which subscription you want to cancel.

Make sure you get the confirmation text once the subscription has been cancelled.

You can also block mobile purchases charged to your prepaid account by adding a free service from ATT called Purchase Blocker.

It will cancel all subscriptions and deny all one-time purchase attempts.

How To Cancel An AT&T Order

You can cancel an ATT order you made online, over the phone and via chat.

If your order hasn’t shipped yet, check your order status at and then select the order that you want to cancel.

For in-person pick up orders, you can make changes in store.  If you don’t pick up your order after 3 days, it’s automatically cancelled.

If you ordered via AT&T Right To You, call (888) 463-6569 to get the order cancelled before it’s delivered.

Overall, for any orders or account changes, you can get your problem addressed by calling AT&T at (800) 331-0500 or chatting with them online.

They’re happy to oblige you and you can almost always change back to the way your plan or order was before you made the change.

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