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by Mark Chen | Updated 11/14/23

If you want to lower your ATT bill, calling the AT&T loyalty department should be the first step. These agents are empowered to do everything possible to get you to stay with AT&T.

The most important power they have is giving you much bigger discounts than you’ll get from calling the regular customer support line.

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ATT Retention Department Phone Number

The AT&T loyalty department number is (877) 999-1085.  You can call this number directly instead of ATT’s general or technical support line if you want to lower your AT&T bill and save money.

Besides the two phone numbers for the AT&T loyalty department that we’ve mentioned above, there are a number of other numbers that you can call to reach ATT.

Here’s the List:

AT&T Loyalty Department Number (US Based): (877) 714-1509
ATT Loyalty Department (Offshore): (877) 999-1085
AT&T Advanced Loyalty Group: (877) 999-1083
ATT Toll Free Number: (800) 288-2020
AT&T Customer Support Number: (888) 866-1514
ATT Sales Department Phone Number: (800) 331-0500
AT&T Global Fraud Management Phone Number: (877) 844-5584
ATT Unified Account Phone Number: (866) 595-1329
AT&T Internet Phone Number: (877) 999-0765
ATT Mobility Direct Line: (877) 710-9276
AT&T Business Customer Support: (866) 288-7629
ATT Uverse ISM Retention: (866) 595-1331
ATT Collections Department: (866) 960-2081
AT&T Wireless IVR: (800) 331-0500

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AT&T Customer Support Line Differences

Depending on which line you call, you’ll be routed to different AT&T customer support centers.  Once you let the customer support representative know what your issue is, they may route you to a different call center that is better equipped to help you.

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You can also ask to be transferred to a different department if the current department is not resolving your issue to your satisfaction.

If you want to get the best deal on AT&T as an existing customer, we recommend calling the loyalty department.  You can reach the ATT loyalty department at (877) 714-1509 and (877) 999-1085.

If you have a specific question about a particular service, call the phone numbers that service those specific products.

The customer support phone number for ATT U-Verse is (866) 595-1331.  That’s a good number to call uverse to lower your bill.

AT&T Business Customer support is (866) 288-7629.  For ATT Mobility, the direct line is (877) 710-9276.

If you don’t want to talk to anyone and are just looking for information on your account, you can call AT&T’s IVR (interactive voice recording) at (800) 331-0500.

lower at&t bill steps

Don’t call the collections department especially if you are past due on your account.  They may shut off your service sooner than their standard procedure is if they find out that you don’t plan on paying them at all.

The number of the AT&T collections department is (866) 960-2081. Remember that if you’ve been a customer, you can often get much of your past due balance and other fees (like restoral fees) waived.

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DirecTV Loyalty Department Number

ATT also owns DirecTV and there are a number of promotions that you can get for bundling your AT&T and DirecTV bills to save.  The phone numbers for the DirecTV loyalty department are below:

DirecTV Loyalty Department Phone Number (US Based): (800) 531-5000
DirecTV Loyalty Number (Off-Shore): (855) 235-3982
Florida DirecTV Loyalty Department: (866) 595-2871

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Lower Your ATT Bill With BillSmart

There are a lot of numbers that you can call ATT to reach different customer support teams.  There are pluses and minuses to calling these different departments, especially if you’re looking to reduce your AT&T bill.

You don’t have to do this on your own.  BillSmart can negotiate your ATT bill on your behalf and save you money.

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