What Channel Is CBS On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 9/20/22

CBS is on a different channel on Spectrum depending on where you live.

As one of the major broadcast channels like ABC, NBC, and Fox, CBS is usually one of the first channels you have to flip through.

However, as more and more cable channels were added over the years, additional HD CBS channels were added way out in the 1000+ channel range.

We made this guide on how to find what channel CBS is on your TV box to make your life easier.

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Comprehensive Channel List

Spectrum customers can watch CBS in their city on the following channels.

Spectrum CBS Channel List

Los Angeles2, 1209
San Diego8, 1209
Long Beach2, 702
Reno2, 782
Corpus Christi12, 1209
San Antonio5, 1209
Austin5, 1209
El Paso3, 1200
Dallas11, 781
Birmingham3, 1003
Montgomery8, 708
Charlotte2, 1209
Durham2, 1203
Raleigh6, 1203
Indianapolis4, 1004
Milwaukee5, 1005
Kansas City3
Columbus10, 912
Cleveland4, 1004
New York2, 1209
Albany6, 1209
Buffalo4, 1209

If you’re looking to find out what channels CBS Sports is on Spectrum, we wrote the guide for you here.

CBS Spectrum Channel (California/Alabama)

You can watch CBS on Spectrum on Channel 2 in Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Long Beach.

It’s also on 1209 in Los Angeles and 702 in Long Beach.

For other places in California like San Diego, go to channels 8 and 1209.

CBS is on Channel 7 in Bakersfield.

The CBS channel in Birmingham is interesting.  The right channels there to watch CBS are 3 and 1003 but it’s a superstation affiliate called CBS42 that has special programming for the area.

CBS in Montgomery has the same program as the rest of the US and you can watch it on Spectrum on channels 8 or 708.

cbs channels on spectrum list

Spectrum CBS Channel (NY/KY)

If you’re willing to navigate far on your cable box, go to Channel 1209 to watch CBS in New York state.

This will work for Manhattan, Albany, and Buffalo.

Easier places to watch CBS include the following:

Manhattan: 2
Albany: 6
Buffalo: 4

In Lexington, CBS is on Channel 9 while in Louisville it’s on Channel 5.

CBS Spectrum Channel In Texas

For much of Texas, you can watch CBS on Spectrum on Channel 1209.

This is for the cities of Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Austin.

In Corpus Christi, the main CBS channel is 2.  It’s 5 in San Antonio and Austin.

Customers in El Paso can watch CBS on channels 3 and 1200.

The correct CBS channel for Spectrum in Dallas is channels 11 and 781.

Some Places To Watch

There’s really no pattern to where the CBS channel is in Ohio.

For Cleveland, you can watch on 4 and 1004 while in Cincinnati you can only watch on Channel 12.

For Columbus, the correct channels are 10 and 912.

It’s a little more logically arranged in North Carolina. The CBS channels for Spectrum are on channel 2 for Charlotte and Durham.

There are secondary CBS channels on 1209 for Charlotte and 1203 for Durham as well.

If you live in Raleigh, you can watch CBS on channels 6 and 1203.

Other Places To Watch

CBS is on Channel 3 for Spectrum subscribers in Kansas City.

Surf to channel 4 or 1004 if you have Spectrum and are in Indianapolis while you can go to channels 5 and 1005 if you live in Milwaukee.

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