2023 DirecTV Packages For Existing Customers

by Allison Cruz | Updated 9/20/22

Existing customers of DirecTV are eligible for packages that can save them $30.82 a month on average.

DirecTV doesn’t heavily promote these offers because they would rather get more money from you every month.  But if you read on and follow the outlined steps, these savings can be yours.

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DirecTV Existing Customers Deals

As we previously mentioned, the average monthly savings from getting the best DirecTV packages as an existing customer is $30.82 a month.

These packages can range from $5 to $86 a month. It depends on your plan and the available promotions at the time.

Since AT&T spun off from DirecTV, the promotion length has changed from lifetime promotions to promotions that roll off after 12 months.

DirecTV continues to provide 3-6 months promotions for free premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime.

DirecTV Promotions For Existing Customers

The only way to get a DirecTV promotion as an existing customer is to call DirecTV customer support and ask them to lower your DirecTV bill.

You have the option to call either (800) 531-5000 or (866) 595-2871.

(800) 531-5000 is the general support line and (866) 595-2871 is the phone number for the DirecTV Loyalty department.

While (866) 595-2871 may have longer hold times, we recommend calling (866) 595-2871.

They’re authorized to provide bigger discounts and you may be transferred to the Loyalty department anyways if you exhaust your options with frontline DirecTV customer support.

Existing Customer DirecTV Promos

DirecTV package changes are made verbally.  You start the process by asking the agent to find ways to save money on your bill.

It may take the agent a couple of minutes to review what DirecTV packages are available to you. They also may have additional questions about your usage and preferences.

To get the most savings, you need to negotiate your bill rather than passively accepting whatever discount the agent provides to you.

The first deal that the agent provides you won’t be the best deal you can get.

How do we know this?  Basically, DirecTV’s system is structured to provide a $20-$40 discount on your bill if you start the cancellation process.

We don’t recommend starting out with this first.  First, see how low they can go and get them lower from there.

directv packages for existing customers

Tips To Get The Best DirecTV Packages

Unlike many service providers, DirecTV values customer loyalty.

If you’ve been with DirecTV for a couple of years, they’re willing to provide you a $10-$30 monthly loyalty credit. This works especially well if you bring up how long you’ve been with them on the call.

To DirecTV, you have a customer lifetime value and they’re willing to give back some of that to keep you happy.

They’ve also been losing a lot of customers, so they want to make sure you stay.

Another way as a longtime customer to get a deal on your DirecTV package is to switch to a better plan.

DirecTV changes its plans and pricing all the time and we’ve seen many cases where people are overpaying by $50-$100 a month for a more expensive plan with worse features.

DirecTV is more than okay not rocking the boat and having you pay this higher rate if you don’t complain.

But if you notice and want to make a change, they’re happy to change your plan and lower their rate and act like they’re doing you a big favor.

That’s why bill negotiation services like BillSmart are useful to have on retainer.  They’ll negotiate your bill every couple of months to make sure you’re always getting the lowest rate.

Other Considerations

Sometimes the best package for DirecTV is to extend your existing package.

Recently, DirecTV has changed its pricing strategy to be more like Spectrum and Fios where they provide temporary discounts that roll off after 1 or 2 years.

This pricing strategy relies on customers accepting the price increase after the promotion rolls over.

DirecTV doesn’t want to lose you. If your promotion is set to expire soon or has already expired, call them up.

They’ll give you your discount back or extend it.

We’ve even found that you can get a discount on your discount that stacks on your existing discount.  These extra discounts are usually on the lower end – $10 to $20 a month but every little bit helps.

AT&T And DirecTV Packages (Existing Customers)

Getting DirecTV promotions has gotten a lot more complicated since ATT divested DirecTV to private equity firms.

Many customers still have their AT&T and DirecTV accounts linked. It can be confusing whether you’re talking to DirecTV or AT&T when you’re trying to get a deal.

One important thing you need to take into account once you secure a DirecTV deal is to make sure the changes that you made get applied.

Get a reference code and the date the plan changes you made will be applied.

If it doesn’t apply by that date, you’re entitled to compensation. DirecTV’s errors inconvenienced you and you can get all the money you would have saved and more.

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