What Channel Is Fox On DirecTV?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

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You can watch Fox on DirecTV on Channel 398 and Channel 399 throughout the country. Besides these two channels, there’s lowered numbered channels, where you can watch the great shows on Fox like Hell’s Kitchen or 911.

Lowered numbers are all over the place. In SF, Fox is on Channel 2 but it’s on Channel 69 in San Diego.

We researched the top 100 cities and zip codes in the US and found out where the lowered-numbered channels are so you have more time to watch your favorite shows.

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Fox DIRECTV Channel Guide

Fox On Directv

Birmingham6, 398, 399New Orleans8, 398, 399
Little Rock16, 398, 399Boston25, 398, 399
Phoenix10, 398, 399Baltimore45, 398, 399
Yuma9, 398, 399Detroit2, 398, 399
San Diego69, 398, 399Minneapolis9, 29, 398, 399
Bakersfield58, 398, 399St. Louis2, 398, 399
Sacramento40, 398, 399Charlotte46, 398, 399
Fresno26, 398, 399Omaha42, 398, 399
Los Angeles11, 398, 399Albuquerque16, 398, 399
San Francisco2, 398, 399Las Vegas5, 398, 399
Denver31, 398, 399New York5, 398, 399
Colorado Springs21, 398, 399Columbus9, 398, 399
Washington DC5, 398, 399Oklahoma City25, 398, 399
Orlando35, 398, 399Portland12, 398, 399
Jacksonville30, 398, 399Philadelphia29, 398, 399
Tampa13, 398, 399Nashville17, 398, 399
Miami7, 398, 399Memphis13, 398, 399
Fort Worth4, 398, 399San Antonio29, 398, 399
Atlanta5, 398, 399Houston26, 398, 399
Honolulu2, 398, 399El Paso14, 398, 399
Chicago32, 398, 399Austin7, 398, 399
Kansas City4, 398, 399Dallas4, 398, 399
Louisville41, 59, 398, 399Brownsville2, 398, 399
Norfolk43, 398, 399Seattle13, 398, 399

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There are other Fox channels like FS1 and Fox News on DIRECTV. We’ve figured out where those channels are in your area.

Most Common Fox Directv Channels

The most common channels where Fox will be on DirecTV in the country are channels 2 and 5.

Channel 2 is the right channel for Fox in San Francisco, Honolulu, Detroit, Brownsville, and St. Louis.

It’s interesting but KTVU is a special super affiliate for Fox in San Francisco.

You can go to Channel 5 to watch Fox in Washington DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and New York.

There are also two cities where Fox is available on two lowered-numbered channels – Louisville and Minneapolis.

Minneapolis residents can watch on Channel 9 and 29 while those who reside in Louisville can watch on Channel 41 and Channel 59.

High Numbered Channels

As a broadcast channel, Fox is usually one of the first channels on your TV guide.

Unfortunately, there’s a number of big cities in the US where that’s not the case.  This is a legacy of Fox starting in the 1990s as a disrupter to CBS and NBC.

Some cities where this is the case include San Diego and Omaha.  We put a fuller list of higher-numbered Fox channels below.

San Diego: 69
Bakersfield: 58
Charlotte: 46
Baltimore: 45
Norfolk: 43
Omaha: 42
Sacramento: 40

fox on directv

Fox On Directv (CA/TX/FL)

While every part of America is special, we found that there is a high density of big cities in California, Texas, and Florida.

That’s where the majority of Directv customers live.

For the other broadcast channels, we could see patterns in which channels ABC or CBS were located in these big states.

That wasn’t the case for Fox.  For example in Florida, Fox is on Channel 4 in Fort Worth but it’s on Channel 35 in Orlando.

We put the channel lists for DirecTV on Fox for CA, TX, and FL below.

San Diego69, 398, 399San Antonio29, 398, 399Orlando35, 398, 399
Bakersfield58, 398, 399Houston26, 398, 399Jacksonville30, 398, 399
Sacramento40, 398, 399El Paso14, 398, 399Tampa13, 398, 399
Fresno26, 398, 399Austin7, 398, 399Miami7, 398, 399
Los Angeles11, 398, 399Dallas4, 398, 399Fort Worth4, 398, 399
San Francisco2, 398, 399Brownsville2, 398, 399

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