What Channel Is Fox News On?

by Daniel Smith | Updated 7/10/23

fox news channel dish

It’s easy to find what channel Fox News is on for satellite providers but hard to find the right channel for cable providers.

That’s because the satellite TV providers put Fox News on the same channel nationwide, but the cable providers have multiple and different channels for Fox News depending on where you live.

As a supporter of what the channel is doing, we researched and found out where you can watch Fox News throughout the country by service provider.

Find your channel by taking a look below.

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FNC DirecTV Channel Number

You can watch Fox News on DirecTV on Channel 360.

Channel 360 is the right channel for Fox News on DirecTV throughout the country.  360 will be the right channel to go to whether you’re in New York or San Francisco.

A nice thing that Directv has done is to put the Fox channels next to each other.  If you’re trying to shift from news to business, go to Channel 359 for the Fox Business Channel.

Below we’ve put the list of the biggest cities where Directv has customers so you can see the right channel for Fox News – 360.

Fox News On DirecTV

San Diego360New Orleans360
Los Angeles360Baltimore360
San Francisco360Detroit360
Washington DC360St. Louis360
Atlanta360Las Vegas360
Honolulu360New York360
Kansas City360Oklahoma City360
El Paso360Memphis360
Houston360San Antonio360

What Channel Is Fox News On Spectrum

For wherever you live, there are two channels where you can watch Fox News on Spectrum.

These two channels are different depending on your zip code.  One is the SD channel and the other is the HD channel.

At this point, there shouldn’t be much of a difference because most people have TV bought within the last 10 years.

One of the most common channels where you can find Fox News is Channel 202.

However, there’s just too many different channels where Fox News could be on, so the best thing to do is just to look at our list and find the channel.

We recommend starting with the lowered numbered channel and only switching to the further out channel if the picture quality on your television is unacceptable.

Fox News Channels on Spectrum

Los Angeles32, 202
San Diego37, 202
Anaheim40, 202
Long Beach47, 747
Bakersfield81, 1081
Reno46, 746
Corpus Christi55, 202
San Antonio60, 202
Austin48, 202
El Paso34, 202
Dallas54, 717
Birmingham53, 303
Montgomery36, 787
Lexington40, 406
Louisville44, 406
Charlotte57, 202
Durham58, 202
Raleigh58, 202
Indianapolis59, 303
Milwaukee48, 352
Kansas City60, 202
Columbus65, 406
Cincinnati84, 352
Cleveland38, 352
New York44, 202
Albany70, 202
Buffalo44, 202
spectrum fox news channel list

Dish Network Fox News Channel

Dish is like DirecTV in that they only have one channel for Fox News for all its customers.

The channel where you can watch Fox News on Dish Network is Channel 205.

Fox and Dish have a contentious record of working together.  Dish is one of the few TV providers that blacked out Fox because they wanted to pay them less.

Another recent issue with Dish is that they got hacked earlier this year and people couldn’t pay their bills or make changes to their plans.

At least it’s not that difficult to find the channel for Fox News on Dish.  For the rest, their customers might have something else to say.

Dish Fox News Channels

San Diego205New Orleans205
Los Angeles205Baltimore205
San Francisco205Detroit205
Washington DC205St. Louis205
Atlanta205Las Vegas205
Honolulu205New York205
Kansas City205Oklahoma City205
El Paso205Memphis205
Houston205San Antonio205

Where Is Fox News On Xfinity

Although Xfinity customers can watch Fox News on their TV, the channel is in different numbers depending on where you live.

There’s more standardization compared to Spectrum and the channel numbers in a state often share some commonalities with each other.

For example, Channel 48 is the right channel for Washington, and Channel 760 is where you can watch Fox News in California.

That doesn’t make it much easier to find the right channel because that’s not always the case.

Most of the time, people just memorize their favorite channel numbers but it’s annoying to have another thing to remember.

If you need a refresher and don’t want to surf for a bit to find the channel, just look at our guide below to find where Fox News is on Comcast where you live.

Comcast Fox News Channels

Seattle48, 655Miami32, 428
Spokane48, 655Fort Lauderdale32, 428
Tacoma48, 655Atlanta37, 837
Vancouver48, 748Memphis64, 814, 1105
Portland48, 748Nashville48, 1110
Salem48, 748Chicago71, 265
Eugene48, 748Indianapolis69, 1105
Salt Lake City49, 690, 1110Fort Wayne44, 1105
Provo49, 690Detroit52, 214, 1105
Denver42, 742Washington37, 820
Colorado Springs38, 776, 1110Baltimore61, 820
Boulder42, 742, 1110Philadelphia78, 820
Saint Paul60, 844Pittsburgh25, 820
Minneapolis63, 844San Jose59, 760
Albuquerque34, 240San Francisco59, 760
Tallahassee44, 428Fresno19, 760
Jacksonville33, 428Sacramento39, 760
Orlando44, 428Oakland59, 760
comcast fox news channel

Why is Fox News The Only Channel Not Working?

If the Fox News Channel is the only channel on your TV not working, it’s likely that your service provider has blacked out the channel.

Blackouts occur when Fox and your cable/satellite TV provider can’t come to an agreement on how much they pay each other for the channel every month.

Removing the channel from the lineup is one of the most powerful negotiating tactics in these situations.  One of the most famous blackouts was in 2014 with Dish.

It took about 2 weeks for the channel to come back.

Thankfully with technology, there’s ways to watch Fox News even when there’s a blackout.  One way to watch is on the Fox News website or their app.

Unfortunately, logging into your service provider’s web/app TV system doesn’t work during a blackout.  It’s out systemwide.

If a blackout lasts longer than you can take, consider moving to a different service provider temporarily like Sling TV.

You should get compensation for the time that the channels aren’t in your system.

In rare cases, the signals for the Fox channels can be down and, in that case, you can just watch Fox News online on their website or on your service providers’ website.

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The reason why Fox News is so popular is that it tells a different narrative than what most of the media wants you to believe.

That’s why it’s important to know the right channel to watch it on your TV and why we created this guide.

We hope this helps and God bless America.

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