What Channel Is GAC On Comcast?

by Mark Chen | Updated 12/2/23

Usually, GAC is on Channel 484 or 147 on Comcast. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and the easiest way to find the right channel for GAC on your Xfinity TV is just to take a look at our list below.

We made this list and did this research because GAC is one of our favorite channels and we wanted to make sure everyone can watch Christmas Movies and Switched at Birth.

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GAC Channel Xfinity List

Comcast GAC Channels

Little Rock36, 147, 1620Atlanta170
Tuscon70Savannah35, 1620
San Jose484Augusta147, 1620
San Francisco484Chicago484
Sacramento484Fort Wayne37
Colorado Springs484, 1620Grand Rapids147
Boulder484, 1620Saint Paul
Washington DC147Minneapolis147
Tallahassee69Albuquerque76, 146
Jacksonville147Santa Fe147
Orlando68, 147Las Cruces147
Fort Lauderdale70Salem484
Pittsburgh167Salt Lake City484, 1620
Charleston43, 147Provo484
Nashville31, 1620Alexandria147, 1620

GAC Family Comcast (CA/CO/OR/UT/WA)

Many customers of Xfinity can watch GAC on Channel 484.

484 will work for these states: California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Specific cities that we’ve researched where Channel 484 is the right channel for GAC include Seattle, Provo, Salt Lake City, Portland, Chicago, Tucson, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Denver, and Boulder.

In addition to Channel 484, another common channel where you can watch GAC in some but not all of these cities is Channel 1620.

Channel 1620 will work in Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Salt Lake City.  Just go to Channel 484.

What Channel Is Gac On Xfinity In Florida

Another common channel where you can watch GAC on Comcast is Channel 147.

Where this works is in Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, and Michigan.

The big cities where Channel 147 is the right channel for GAC are Washington DC, Miami, Santa Fe, and Philadelphia.

1620 is an alternative Channel where you can watch GAC in Alexandria, Virginia and Augusta, Georgia.

In Charleston, you can watch on Channel 43 as well as Channel 147.

Another thing to note is that in Tallahassee and Fort Lauderdale instead of Channel 147 you can watch on Channel 69 in Tallahassee and Channel 70 in Fort Lauderdale.

gac on xfinity channel guide

Where Else Can You Go

The rest of the cities that we researched didn’t have GAC on any particular channel on Xfinity organized by zip code or state.

For instance, Channel 37 is the right channel for Fort Wayne but Channel 49 is the right channel for Indianapolis in Indiana.

It’s probably just easier to refer to the list that we’ve posted below.

Tucson: 70
Atlanta: 170
Savannah: 35, 1620
Albuquerque: 76, 146
Pittsburgh: 167

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