Optimum Plans For Existing Customers

by Allison Cruz | Updated 1/3/24

Existing customers of Optimum can get plans that can save them 22% on their bills every month.

However, these plans aren’t advertised online and the only way to get them applied is to talk to customer support and negotiate a discount.

You also need to know the right things to say and the right numbers to call to get the best possible deal vs just getting a one-time credit from an annoyed agent.

At BillSmart, we’ve negotiated hundreds of Optimum bills.  We know what to say to save you $352 on average on your bill.

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Optimum Promotions For Existing Customers

Optimum has promotions for existing customers that based off our data can save you $31.76 a month or 22% off your monthly bill.

These monthly promotions range from $10 a month to as much as $91.05 a month.

Most of these promotions are permanent or for 12 months although Optimum sometimes provides temporary 2 to 3 month discounts.

This is based off our longitudinal study from negotiating hundreds of Optimum bills over the last couple of years.

Optimum Deals For Existing Customers

These deals for existing customers of Optimum are not available on the website and you can’t just add it to the cart and move on with your life.

Unfortunately, to get these deals, you’ll need to call Optimum customer support and negotiate a discount.

The best number to call is (877) 936-4778 but you can also call Optimum at (888) 276-5255. (877) 936-4778 is the line for the Optimum Retention Department.

Different call centers have different promotions.  You can trigger better promotions by changing your customer status to Optimum by saying the magic words.

They are I want or I’m thinking of cancelling my service.

Talking to a manager can help you get a bigger discount. Managers can override the system and authorize higher savings than a tier 1 agent.

optimum plans for existing customers
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Optimum Packages for Existing Customers

It’s important to do your research to get a better package from Optimum as an existing customer.

Is your Optimum bill higher than what they’re currently offering?  The lowest Optimum internet plans are $40 a month and the highest is $80 a month.

If you’re paying more than that, you’re eligible for a discount to get at least back to that price.  Optimum like many other service providers gives you discounted pricing when you first sign up. It then increases your bill significantly after your “discount” expires.

If you’re thinking of leaving their service, they’re more than happy to put you back at the previous price.  Most customers just don’t think of lowering their bills significantly to allow Optimum to get away with this behavior.

Cable companies usually do the research for you.  They send tons of mail highlighting available promotions.  For my Optimum service, Optimum sends me tons of mail with better plans than I currently have.

If you’re in an area where there’s a lot of competition, Optimum will give bigger discounts to get you to stay. They know your threats are real.

The biggest competitors to Optimum are x and y.  Check out their websites if you don’t have a ton of junk mail from them and reference the discounts they’re providing while you get Optimum to lower your bill.

Optimum Offers For Existing Customers

To get an offer for a lower Optimum bill as an existing customer, you need to ask for one from their customer support team.

Just call them and say you’re looking for ways to save on your bill.  This is normal behavior that they get all the time.

They’ll look at their system to see if they have any promotions available.  If they don’t or if the discount isn’t big enough, you should mention that you’re looking at competitors and ask to be transferred to the cancellation department.

That should trigger another offer to keep you because Optimum is trying to maximize the revenue from their subscribers and a customer paying Optimum $50 a month is better than one that canceled and is paying nothing.

Most savings from Optimum will be 12-month promotional discounts but sometimes they provide lifetime loyalty discounts. You’re more likely to get these discounts if you’ve been a customer for a while and there’s been heavy competition in your area.

You don’t have to give up any of the services that you have to get these discounts to apply but if you’re willing to change your plan a bit, you can save more.  Optimum doesn’t need you to sign up for additional contracts in order to lock in the savings you negotiated.

Make sure to get a reference code or ask for it to be texted to you.

If your promotion doesn’t apply at the time it’s been promised, you’ll be eligible for a $50 one-time credit for the inconvenience.

It’s like Dominos 30 minutes or less guarantee.

Optimum ACP Discount

You can also save $30 a month on your Optimum bill if you are eligible and enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

The ACP is a government program that was created in 2020 during the pandemic to help lower-income Americans stay connected to essential services during shutdowns.

The discount used to be $50 a month but it’s now $30 a month and is more permanent.

You just need to meet one of the criteria to be eligible for the $30 discount.

Examples include your kids’ receiving lunches at school, using SNAP, being on Medicaid, or being 200% below the federal poverty line.

For a family of 4, if you make less than $60K, you can enroll.

Cable and phone companies are heavily promoting this offer because it’s free money from the government.  If you’re eligible, there’s no reason not to take the discount as the $14bn allocated won’t last forever.

Lower Your Optimum Bill With BillSmart!

By following the tips and instructions in our guide above, we hope you’ve made progress in lowering your Optimum bill.

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