How To Reach The Optimum Retention Department

by Mark Chen | Updated 11/14/23

To save the most money on your Optimum bill, it’s important to call the Optimum Retention Department and negotiate for the biggest discount.

We’ve found that successfully negotiating with the retention department can increase your monthly savings from $20 to $50 a month – a 30%+ decrease in your monthly bill for most Optimum subscribers.

You can try to do it yourself by following our guide but we’re happy to take care of your Optimum bill for you as well.

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Optimum Retention Department Phone Number

You can reach the Optimum retention department at (877) 936-4778.

Otherwise, you can call Optimum at (888) 276-5255 or their state/city-specific lines.

Optimum Customer Support Phone Numbers
Long Island Optimum Customer Support: (631) 393-0637
Brooklyn Optimum Customer Support: (718) 860-3514
NJ Optimum Customer support: (973) 230-6048
CT Optimum Customer Support: (203) 870-2583

The retention department has shorter wait times than calling Optimum’s regular customer support lines.

This is because fewer people know to call Optimum on this line.  Optimum also has better staffing for the loyalty department because they really don’t want to bleed more customers than they’re doing already.

Another interesting thing about the retention department is that they’re staffed solely by Americans while much of the rest of Optimum support is staffed by call center employees in India.

Read into that as you will.

Optimum 2023 Retention Discounts

The reason to call the retention line is to pay less on Optimum and spend less time waiting to speak to a representative.

While with a typical representative, you can get a $20 a month discount, with the retention team, you can get a $40 monthly discount and even $50 a month if you follow all the steps that we follow closely.

It’s called the retention department because they’re there to retain you.

When you call this line directly, you’re tagged as a customer that has started the cancellation process.

By being a customer looking to leave rather than one that is just complaining about their broken router, you’ve elevated to higher support levels and become eligible for bigger discounts.

optimum retention department
The right amount of discounts

How To Talk to the Retention Department

The first thing to do when you call the Optimum retention department is to say you’re thinking of leaving Optimum.

You’re open to staying however if there are any better deals out there before you start the process.

Retention agents get these responses all day so don’t feel embarrassed about asking for a discount.

It’s especially helpful if you can anchor them by mentioning that you got a promotion from a competitor that’s significantly less to anchor the type of discount their “system” should be generating.

Your agent will look through their system to see what plans they have for Optimum existing customers.

Once they provide you with an initial offer, you can ask them to take another look to see if there’s any additional ways they can lower your Optimum bill. It’s helpful to change their parameters by mentioning that you’re willing to change your service a bit.

If that doesn’t work, another strategy that works most of the time is to ask to speak to a manager.

Agents hate having to put their managers on the line so they’ll try to dissuade you with another offer.

Once you have a manager on the line, they can put an override on the system to get you even deeper discounts. Asking for the manager is what takes you from $40 monthly savings to $50 discounts.

If you don’t have much luck your first time, you should try again in a couple of weeks.

Optimum changes its pricing systems constantly so you have a good shot at getting a discount next time.

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