PBS Channels On Spectrum

PBS channels on Spectrum will be on different channels depending on which state and city you’re in.

We’ve done the research on the biggest DMAs that Spectrum operates in to find what channels PBS is on for Spectrum subscribers where you live.

Take a look below.

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New York PBS Channels

PBS is on Channel 13 on Spectrum in Manhattan and the rest of the New York area.

If you’re on Long Island, navigate to 21 on your Spectrum TV to watch PBS.

We’ve also provided a list of the main PBS channels on Spectrum by DMA.

PBS Channels on Spectrum

New York13
Los Angeles6

PBS Spectrum Channels in LA

Channel 6 (KCET) is the main PBS station on Spectrum for the Los Angeles Area.

This is the right PBS channel for you if you’re in East LA, West Los Angeles, Calabasas, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, or Hermosa Beach.

KOCE is another legendary PBS affiliate in Los Angeles that focuses on Socal content.

For West LA, PBS-KOCE is on channel 8 for Spectrum.  In the Santa Monica, Hermosa/Manhattan beach area, PBS-KOCE is on channel 50.

PBS also has more specialized stations for Spectrum in LA far out on channels 1221, 1222, 1267, and 1269.  You’ll only have access to these channels if you have the Platinum Plus Spectrum TV package.

1269 is the channel for PBS World and 1267 is the channel for PBS Socal Plus.

What Channel is PBS on Spectrum in California?

The main PBS station (KCET) for Spectrum in California is channel 28.  For all subscribers, this channel should be in HD.

This is the correct channel for PBS on Spectrum for Camarillo, San Bernardino, Ventura, the San Gabriel Valley, and Thousand Oaks.

Besides 28, you can access the secondary PBS programming channel KLCS on 31 (it’s Channel 30 in the SGV).

The ultra-premium channels for PBS on Spectrum are identical to the channel lineups in the Los Angeles area.  Find them on channels 1221, 1222, 1267, and 1269.

pbs channel on spectrum

The Dallas PBS Channel

PBS is on Channel 13 (KERA) on Spectrum in the Dallas Forth Worth area.

You can also watch PBS in Dallas on Spectrum on 1221 if you have a Platinum plan.

What Channel is PBS on Spectrum in Hawaii?

The main PBS station (KHET) for Spectrum in Hawaii is channels 10 and 11.  For Oahu, PBS is on channel 10 and for Maui and Kauai, PBS is on channel 11.

You can also access other PBS channels on channels 90, 443, and 1010.

Channel 443 is the station for PBS Kids on Spectrum across the islands.  1010 is the channel for the HD version of PBS.

You can also surf to channel 90 in Hawaii to watch the secondary PBS channel that has a different schedule of shows than the main channel.

PBS Kids on Spectrum

PBS Kids on Spectrum is on channel 443 in Hawaii.

You will only have PBS Kids if you have a Platinum TV subscription with Spectrum.

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