Sprint Promotions For Existing Customers

by Allison Cruz | Updated 1/3/24

Sprint existing customers are eligible for a number of promotions.  Some examples include waived device payouts, loyalty discounts and plan changes and other promotions.

We’ve found that the promotions and savings you can get for your Sprint bill really depends on your negotiation skills and what discounts are available that particular week.

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Contacting The Sprint Loyalty Department

To get your existing customer promotion with Sprint, you’ll need to reach out to them via phone or chat.

We recommend calling them because you’ll then have the option to speak to Sprint’s retention and loyalty department.

You can connect with Sprint’s retention department at (844) 382-3317.  To reach Sprint’s loyalty department, you can call (888) 211-4727.

The difference between the two lines is that the (844) 382-3317 line takes you to a Sprint representative directly while the (888) 211-4727 makes you go through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

To get to Sprint’s loyalty and retention department, you’ll still have to ask to be transferred there as you’ll be connected to Sprint’s front-line support at first.

It takes about 5 minutes to be connected to an agent via chat and 10-15 minutes to be connected to an agent via phone.  The best time to call is in the morning.

Sprint Phone Deals For Existing Customers

Of all the phone companies, Sprint has the best phone deals for existing customers.

No other phone company will basically give you your phone for free if you say the right things.

If you’ve leased your phone with Sprint for a couple of months, you need to call them to see if you can get your device lease removed and your max purchase option waived.

A big component of most people’s bills is monthly phone payments.  After a couple of months (we’ve found around 7) with Sprint, you can get those waived.

Phone payments can be waived for multiple phones.  Once you’re done with one phone, try with all the other lines that you have available.  You can save literally thousands of dollars.

We don’t know how long this promotion would last. In the meantime, I recommend buying phones from Sprint rather than Apple because you can take advantage of this deal. These savings won’t happen immediately.  They’ll generally reflect on your next statement and you usually can’t get it backdated.

Sprint One Time Credits

Once you get your phone for free, you should see if Sprint is willing to give you additional one time credits.

In our experience, Sprint is the most generous provider for one time credits.  You can usually get a one time credit for $50 and many times for even a $100.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a time limit for how often you can get these one time credits.  We recommend calling in once every 3-4 months to see if they’ll approve this credit for you.

These calls can save you $300 a year which can be a significant savings on your bill.

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Sprint Bundle Promotions For Existing Customers

Since Sprint merged with T-Mobile, finding the cheaper Sprint plans and promotions that can save you money on Sprint’s website has gotten harder.

They still exist but you can only access them by calling in.  You also have the option to migrate to T-Mobile and switch to one of their plans.

The cheapest T-Mobile plan is the Essential plans which is $60 a line (with auto-pay) for a single phone.  It gets cheaper the more lines you add.

You can get additional discounts if you’re 55+, part of the military or a veteran or a first responder.

The main difference between the Essentials plans and the more premium plans is the inclusion of free streaming services like Hulu and Netflix and having 3G mobile hotspot data rather than a limited amount of hotspot data that gets throttled to 3G once you hit the limit. If you don’t use your data and are okay with not having Hulu, you can save $10-$20 per line on your bill which can be significant savings.

Sprint Deals For Existing Customers

You can also stick with existing Sprint plans like Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Value and Unlimited Essential.

Each of these plans is $10 a line more expensive than the next. The main difference between the basic and the premium plan is Hulu and Tidal inclusion and hot spot usage.

Don’t worry about knowing the name of the plans. The representative will provide you with what options are available to you.

You may not have to switch your plan at all to get a deal with Sprint as an existing customer.  If you ask to save money, the customer service representative may provide you with a $10-$50 a month loyalty discount for the same plan you currently have.


With these secrets, you’re ready to save the most money possible on your Sprint bill.

Because we negotiate so many bills, our negotiators are aware of the latest promotions and negotiation tactics as soon as they come up.

If you want the maximize the savings on your Sprint bill now and on an ongoing basis, sign up to BillSmart by clicking the button below.

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