What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Comcast?

by Mark Chen | Updated 1/1/24

If there’s a blizzard or hurricane coming to your city, it’s important to find the Weather Channel on Comcast quickly and see what you need to do to prepare.

Unfortunately, the Weather Channel is on a bunch of different channels depending on where you live and if you want the HD version of the channel, you’ll have to go to channel 700+.

Being prepared is important so we researched and found out what the right channels are on Xfinity for the Weather Channel.

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Xfinity Weather Channel Guide

The Weather Channel On Comcast

Seattle78, 706Miami27, 380
Spokane20, 706Fort Lauderdale27, 380
Tacoma78, 706Atlanta32, 832
Vancouver47, 747Memphis55, 836, 1111
Portland47, 747Nashville52, 1102
Salem47, 747Chicago30, 270
Eugene47, 747Indianapolis22, 1111
Salt Lake City47, 730, 1102Fort Wayne29, 1111
Provo47, 730Detroit42, 245, 1101
Denver45, 745Washington34, 815
Colorado Springs61, 782, 1102Baltimore60, 815
Boulder45, 745, 1102Philadelphia45, 815
Minneapolis58, 841San Jose61, 776
Albuquerque53, 835San Francisco61, 776
Tallahassee24, 441Fresno22, 776
Jacksonville16, 441Sacramento102, 776
Orlando58, 523Oakland61, 776

The Weather Channel On Comcast (WA/OR/UT)

Xfinity customers can watch the Weather Channel on 78 and 706 in Seattle and Tacoma.  The Weather Channel is also on Channel 706 in Spokane but the lowered number channel on your dial in that city is 20 instead of 78.

They’ve made it easier to find the Weather Channel in Oregon.  To watch in that state just go to either Channel 47 or 747.

Channel 47 is also the right channel to watch in Utah.  You also have the option to watch on 730 in the state and on Channel 1102 in Salt Lake City.

One of the major differences between the channel numbers for the weather channel is that the farther-out numbers are usually HD channels.

While many Xfinity TVs have been upgraded so there shouldn’t be a big difference between the two channels, if you have an older TV, you’ll definitely want to go to the further-out channel.

Californian Weather Channels

People in California can watch the Weather Channel on Comcast on Channel 776.  If you don’t want to go that far, you can watch on Channel 61 in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, and 22 in Stockton and Fresno.

Channel 815 is a common channel where you’ll find the Weather Channel on the East Coast.  Go to 815 if you’re in the cities of DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh.

There’s also lowered number channels that we’ve listed out below.

DC: 34, 815
Baltimore: 60, 815
Philadelphia: 45, 815
Pittsburgh: 44, 815

In Indianapolis, the right place to go watch the Weather Channel is 1111.  That’s pretty far if you have to go manually so you can also surf to Channel 22 in Indianapolis and 29 in Fort Wayne as well.

comcast weather channel guide

What Channel Is The Weather Channel On Xfinity In Florida

It isn’t easy to find the Weather Channel on Xfinity in Florida, a state that often needs its services the most.

You can watch on Channel 27 and 380 in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

It’s on Channel 441 in Jacksonville and Tallahassee but the lowered-numbered channels are 16 in Jacksonville and 24 in Tallahassee.

Orlando is the odd city out where the Weather Channel is on channels 58 and 523.  Call it the Disneyland effect.

Colorado is also a bit of an odd duck in terms of the Weather Channel but it’s a pattern that we’ve seen with other channels in the state.

Channels 45 and 745 are the right channels to watch the Weather Channel in Denver and Boulder, while you can also watch on Channel 1102 in Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Lowered numbered channels for Colorado Springs are channels 61 and 782.

Where Else Can You Watch

There’s other big cities where we did research where you really need the Weather Channel but the channel numbers didn’t have much in common with the other channels in the state.

We put the list below so you can check when that winter storm is coming or if you have to worry about some hurricane.

Minneapolis: 58, 841
Albuquerque: 53, 835
Atlanta: 32, 832
Chicago: 30, 270
Detroit: 42, 245, 1101
Memphis: 55, 836, 1111
Nashville: 52, 1102

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