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by Mark Chen | Updated 7/4/23

what channel is fs1 on dish

FS1 is one of the most popular channels on TV because it has sports rights like the World Cup and exclusive MLB games.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the channel on your service provider.

Fox Sports 1 is a newer channel and cable and satellite providers seem to think that you need to memorize the channel number or flip through channels for 5 minutes.

That shouldn’t be the case so we fixed this situation by researching where Fox Sports 1 channels are on the biggest cable and satellite providers in the US.

Our results are below.

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What Channel is FS1 on Directv

The right channel for FS1 on DirecTV is Channel 219.  To watch FS2, go to Channel 618.

Channel 219 is the right channel for Fox Sports 1 throughout the country for DIRECTV subscribers.

Unlike cable providers like Cox and Spectrum, satellite providers like Directv and Dish Network have channel lineups that are the same throughout the country.

The only time this is not the case is with some broadcast channels.

However, DirecTV has made it even easier for their customers by having further out channels where you can always watch the broadcast channels like ABC, Fox, and NBC on the same channel.

You can look below to see what channel you need to go to watch Fox Sports 1 on DIRECTV.  It’s always going to be Channel 219.

FS1 Channel Info

San Diego219New Orleans219
Los Angeles219Baltimore219
San Francisco219Detroit219
Washington DC219St. Louis219
Atlanta219Las Vegas219
Honolulu219New York219
Kansas City219Oklahoma City219
El Paso219Memphis219
Houston219San Antonio219

FS1 On Spectrum

Most but not all Spectrum customers can watch the FS1 channel on Channel 400.

Fox Sports 1 is on different and multiple channels depending on where you live for Spectrum.  For example, it’s on channels 97 and 400 in San Antonio but on channels 65 and 779 in Dallas.

Knowing where it is most of the time really doesn’t cut it.

The best way to figure out where FS1 is on your TV is to just to take a look at the list we made.

There’s multiple channels but just go to the one that’s most convenient.

Further out channels are generally in HD but both channels will be in HD if you’ve upgraded your cable box over the last couple of years.

Fox Sports 1 Spectrum Channel List

Los Angeles95, 400
San Diego93, 400
Anaheim54, 400
Long Beach40, 740
Bakersfield76, 109, 1109
Reno30, 807
Corpus Christi49, 400
San Antonio97, 400
Austin97, 400
El Paso97, 400
Dallas65, 779
Birmingham94, 427, 1427
Montgomery77, 826
Lexington67, 551, 969
Louisville71, 551, 969
Charlotte67, 400
Indianapolis62, 427, 1427
Milwaukee75, 317, 1317
Kansas City75, 400
Columbus73, 551, 969
Cincinnati55, 317, 1317
Cleveland75, 317, 1317
New York400
Albany73, 400
Buffalo82, 400
fox sports 1 on spectrum

Dish Network FS1 Channels

Dish customers can watch FS1 on Channel 150 and FS2 on Channel 149.

I don’t know why FS1 is after FS2 but at least they put the channels next to each other, unlike Directv.

Channel 150 and Channel 149 are the right channels for the Fox Sports channels on Dish no matter where you live.

They’ve made it easier for you than their other competitors in the cable and satellite TV market.

Check out our city list for FS1 on Dish – you’ll see that it’s all the same channel.

FS1 Channel Info

San Diego150New Orleans150
Los Angeles150Baltimore150
San Francisco150Detroit150
Washington DC150St. Louis150
Atlanta150Las Vegas150
Honolulu150New York150
Kansas City150Oklahoma City150
El Paso150Memphis150
Houston150San Antonio150

How To Watch Fox Sports 1 On Xfinity

FS1 is on a different channel on Xfinity depending on where you live.

Sometimes there’s 3+ channels where you live and sometimes it’s on Channel 25 and other times it’s on Channel 408.

It’s really hard to know where FS1 is on Comcast without flipping through channels and memorizing where the channel is.

We did that for you and wrote down the channels we found in the tables below.  This work has been done for 30+ cities which should cover the majority of Xfinity’s footprint in the US.

FS1 Channel Guide

Seattle33, 620Cape Coral69, 450, 732
Spokane30, 620Atlanta75, 875
Tacoma33, 620Augusta43, 225, 1208
Vancouver408, 723Charleston99, 450
Portland408, 723Memphis225, 644, 853
Salem408, 723Nashville711, 1208
Eugene408, 723Knoxville52, 1620
Salt Lake City265, 691, 1208Chicago237, 408
Provo265, 691Indianapolis47, 1620
Denver77, 7777Fort Wayne46, 1620
Colorado Springs55, 775, 1208Detroit31, 223, 1620
Boulder77, 777, 1208Grand Rapids223, 731, 1622
Minneapolis732, 878Alexandria63, 857, 1208
Albuquerque38, 255Washington DC729, 857
Santa Fe38, 255Baltimore729, 857
Las Cruces255, 271Philadelphia729, 857
Little Rock46, 1208Pittsburgh122, 857
Shreveport35, 450, 1620San Jose408, 731
Tallahassee25, 450San Francisco408, 731
Jacksonville53, 450Fresno35, 731
Orlando26, 450Sacramento31, 408, 731
Miami450, 732Oakland408, 731
Fort Lauderdale40, 450Stockton408, 731
West Palm Beach450, 732Fremont408, 731
fs1 xfinity channel list

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