What Channel Is FS1 On Spectrum?

by Mark Chen | Updated 10/25/23

what channel is fs1 on spectrum
Spectrum Channel Guide in Tarzana, CA│Source: BillSmart

While most Spectrum customers can go to Channel 400 to watch FS1, it’s not always there depending on which city you live in and there’s usually a lower-numbered channel that you can watch instead.

We researched the top 27 cities that Spectrum operates in to figure out what channels Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are on.

Hope you find this helpful.

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Spectrum FS1 Channel List

Fox Sports 1 Spectrum Channel List

Los Angeles95, 400
San Diego93, 400
Anaheim54, 400
Long Beach40, 740
Bakersfield76, 109, 1109
Reno30, 807
Corpus Christi49, 400
San Antonio97, 400
Austin97, 400
El Paso97, 400
Dallas65, 779
Birmingham94, 427, 1427
Montgomery77, 826
Lexington67, 551, 969
Louisville71, 551, 969
Charlotte67, 400
Indianapolis62, 427, 1427
Milwaukee75, 317, 1317
Kansas City75, 400
Columbus73, 551, 969
Cincinnati55, 317, 1317
Cleveland75, 317, 1317
New York400
Albany73, 400
Buffalo82, 400

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FS2 Spectrum Channel List

Spectrum Fox Sports 2 Channel List

Los Angeles401
San Diego401
Long Beach408, 873
Bakersfield127, 1127
Corpus Christi95, 401
San Antonio401
El Paso95, 401
Dallas286, 708
Birmingham428, 1428
Montgomery307, 827
Indianapolis428, 1428
Kansas City401
Columbus48, 552, 1552
Cleveland328, 1328
New York401

NY & CA Fox Sports 1 Spectrum Channels

The right channel for FS1 for Spectrum customers in New York is Channel 400.  It’s also on Channel 73 if you live in Albany and 82 if you’re in Buffalo.

For FS2 in New York, go to Channel 401 instead.

Fox Sports 1 is also on Channel 400 in California.  Besides 400, you can also watch FS1 on 95 in Los Angeles, 93 in San Diego, and 54 in Anaheim.

To watch Fox Sports 2 in California, just go to Channel 401.

The channel numbers for FS1 in Long Beach and Bakersfield are different compared to the rest of California.

In Long Beach, you can watch Fox Sports 1 on channels 40 and 740 and Fox Sports 2 on channels 408 and 873.

Bakersfield people can watch FS1 on channels 76, 109, and 1109.  FS2 for people there is on 127 and 1127.

Texas Spectrum FS1 Channels

When you’re in Texas, you can watch Fox Sports 1 on Channel 400 on your Spectrum subscription.  FS2 is conveniently on Channel 401.

Besides 400, you can watch FS1 on Channel 97 in San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.  There’s an alternative Fox Sports 1 Channel in Corpus Christi – Channel 49.

There’s also an extra channel where you can watch Fox Sports 2 in El Paso and Corpus Christi – Channel 95.

Dallas is on a different channel number.  FS1 is on channels 65 and 779 there and FS2 is on 286 and 708.

spectrum fs1 channel

Fox Sports 1 On Spectrum In NC/KY

FS1 is on channel 400 on Spectrum in North Carolina.  Customers who live in Charlotte can also watch Fox Sports 1 on Channel 67.

Fox Sports 2 is on Channel 401 in NC.

If you live in Kentucky, you can watch FS1 on channels 551 and 969.  Go to 552 to watch FS2.

There’s an additional channel on 67 in Lexington and 71 in Louisville.

Reno residents can watch Fox Sports 1 on channels 30 and 807 and Fox Sports 2 on Channel 808.

Other Channels

FS1 in on channels 317 and 1317 for Spectrum customers in Ohio.  You can also watch Fox Sports on channel 55 in Cincinnati and Channel 75 in Cleveland.

328 is the number of the FS2 Channel for people who live in Ohio.  You can also watch Fox Sports 2 on channel 1328 in Cleveland.

The channel numbers are different in Columbus however.  There, you’ll need to go to channels 73, 551, or 969 to watch FS1 and 48, 552, or 1552 to watch FS2.

Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are on a bunch of different locations for the rest of the cities we’re discussing.

Take a look below.

Fox Sports 1
Birmingham: 94, 427, 1427
Montgomery: 77, 826
Indianapolis: 62, 427, 1427
Milwaukee: 75, 317, 1317
Kansas City: 75, 400

Fox Sports 2
Birmingham: 428, 1428
Montgomery: 307, 827
Indianapolis: 428, 1428
Milwaukee: 328
Kansas City: 401

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