T-Mobile Military Discount Summary

by Allison Cruz | Updated 12/21/23

The discount that T-Mobile has for members of the military is open to a surprising number of people.

Even cadets and members of the National Guard are eligible.  In terms of savings, signing up for the tmobile military plan could save you up to $50 a month.

That sounds like a lot but in our experience and through our research AT&T and Verizon have better deals for service members.

But if you’re with tmobile and in the military and want to save, the T-Mobile military discount is something that you should explore.

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T-Mobile Military Plan Savings

Currently, T-Mobile has 3 plans that members of the military can take advantage of to get a discount.

They are the Magenta Military plan, the Magenta Max Military plan, and the ONE Plan Military.  Tmobile is focusing on Magenta Military and Magenta Max Military at this point.

Their claim is that with Magenta Military plans, you’ll get 50% off regular Magenta plan rates.

What this means is if you have a single line, you can save $15 a month on your bill and pay $55 vs $70 for a Magenta Plan.

Unfortunately, the per-line discount goes down as you add more lines.  The maximum you’ll save a month is $50 if you have 5 lines and you decide to go with Magenta Military.

Compared to other phone companies like AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile’s discount is nice but a lot lower because you don’t save as much the more lines you have.

Another thing to note is that by taking advantage of a Magenta plan, you lose the chance to sign up for an Essentials plan.

The Essentials Plan is the cheapest plan that T-Mobile offers and will save you significantly.

There are some downsides with Essentials though.  You need to be okay with being throttled after using 50GB of data every month and having less advanced hotspot features.

Who Can Get These Discounts

Both new and existing customers of tmobile can sign up for their military plans.

T-Mobile offers its military plans to active-duty servicemen, reservists, veterans, retirees, and Gold Star families.

You can even sign up with one of their plans if you’re a cadet.

The only service branch that I didn’t see listed was the Space Force but I’m sure that it’s possible to get the plans if you ask a customer support representative.

A final requirement is that the service member needs to be the primary account holder. 

There’s an exception for deployed service members.  Then your husband/wife or other immediate family members can be the account holder and you can still get the discount.

Who is not eligible for military discounts?  Department of Defense (DoD) and government and military contracts can’t get the tmobile military plan.

Overall, T-mobile is pretty expansive to who they will offer the plans to.  Verizon military discounts are a lot more exclusive.

t-mobile military discount example

T-Mobile Military Verification Process

There are 3 ways you can verify your military service so you can get and continue to enjoy your tmobile military discount.

They are to sign up in-store and get verified, do it online, or verify over the phone with a customer support representative.

It’s important to verify your military status within 45 days.  Otherwise, your plan will be migrated to a regular Magenta or Magenta Max plan and you’ll have to pay more than you’d otherwise need to.

For all these verification methods, you just need to have the right documents.

If you’re currently serving, you can just bring your paycheck, orders, or power of attorney.  The requirements for Reversists are similar but you also have the option to bring your Retirement Points Statement like your NGB 23.

Veterans don’t have paystubs, but they can show the forms DD214, NGB 22, and VA form 26-1880.

It’s probably easiest for veterans to just show their Veterans Affairs ID Card or their honorable discharge certificate if they have it on hand.

Finally, retirees can show form DD214 or NGB 23 as well as a retirement certificate.

Most of the time you won’t have problems but we’ve seen some issues when there’s been a name change.

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