How To Reach The Spectrum Retention Department

by Allison Cruz | Updated 11/14/23

The best way to lower your Spectrum bill is to call the Spectrum Retention Department.

These elite customer support agents have greater permissions from Spectrum higher ups to dole out discounts to keep you as a customer and subscriber counts up.

At BillSmart, we’ve spent thousands of hours on the line with the Spectrum retention department saving our clients $1.5mm+ on their phone/cable bills.

We know a little so we wrote this guide to give you a couple of tips about negotiating against this group.

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Spectrum Retention Phone Number

The phone number of the Spectrum Retention Department is (866) 892-0019 and (800) 892-4357.

(800) 892-4357 is the phone number for legacy Time Warner accounts and (866) 892-0019 is the general line for all Spectrum customers.

Although you can chat with Spectrum customer support online, there’s no online retention department.

Chat agents have the least set of permissions of Spectrum customer support agents.

If you want to reach the retention team, you’ll need to call.

Make sure you’re speaking to the retention team before trying to get your bill lowered

We’ve found that if you start with billing and ask to be transferred to retention, sometimes your call will just get routed to a regular support team.

During busy times, calling retention will sometimes direct you to regular customer support.  In our experience, the busiest times are 8-11 AM Eastern Time Monday and Friday.

Hold times then are between 10-30 minutes.

2024 Spectrum Retention Offers

The Spectrum Retention Department has greater authorization to give bigger discounts to existing Spectrum customers compared to billing and regular customer support agents.

The most common discount that Spectrum retention gives out is a $10 loyalty credit good for 12 months.

We’ve found that if you’ve been in the effort to call or get transferred to the retention department, they will usually give you the $10 discount whether your bill is $30 a month or $200 a month.

This will show up on your bill with the notation Ret $10 off.

2022 spectrum retention department deals
We got significantly more savings on this one

One common tactic for negotiating your cable bill is asking to speak to a supervisor.  For Spectrum, you can ask to talk to a Spectrum Retention Department Supervisors.

These team leaders have the most leeway to reduce your bill the most and we’ve seen multiple instances where they’re able to give $50 recurring credits for 12 months.

Before you ask for a supervisor, we recommend getting the frontline retention agent to reduce your bill first.  Once you’ve squeezed them for as much as they can go, then ask to speak to a supervisor.

Sometimes the old ways work best.

Spectrum Loyalty Department Tips And Tricks

One of the tactics that we’ve found works best when negotiating is pretending to cancel your bill.

It’s best to be a little indirect with this tactic.  Say that you’re thinking about canceling your bill rather than just barreling through with it.

Just mentioning canceling your bill will unlock a new set of options to lower your bill and give your call a great priority with Spectrum.

Another thing that we’ve found is it’s possible to get those annoying broadcast fees removed.

Sometimes you’re paying broadcast fees even if you just have internet service.  This is likely because you had it in the past but for whatever reason, these fees weren’t removed from your bill.

Only Spectrum retention agents can remove these stuck broadcast fees.  It’s really evil that Spectrum charges you for nothing so it’s good to get these $3 to $9 monthly fees off your bill as soon as possible.

Check out our Spectrum Channel guide to see if you have the channels that cause broadcast fees. Most do, unfortunately.

Other Things To Note

If you’re really unable to get savings with the loyalty department, that doesn’t mean you should just give up.

Try again after a week or two.  You could have talked to a team that was close to their threshold in discount allowances and plans and cancel save rules may have changed for Spectrum.

To get the lowest rate on your bill, we recommend negotiating with the Spectrum loyalty department every 6 months. 

This will keep them on their toes and you’re less likely to talk to the same agent if you call every month.

Lower Your Spectrum Bill With BillSmart

Hopefully after reading this article, you know where to call and what to do to get the most savings from your bill.

In our experience, you should save $352 on average on your bill if you’re able to negotiate your bill successfully.

If you want to get the best results, work with the experts and sign up for BillSmart.

We’re so confident in our ability to get you savings that our negotiations are free if we don’t save you money.

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